The green tea for weight loss

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For most people, is that Chinese green tea is a substance of legend. This tea is known as very beneficial for human health. For thousands of years, she has spoken Chinese tea and written because of its many positive effects. green tea for weight loss

According to the legend, which first person, this drink herbs taste never the Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 BC. It was said that during the cooking water fell to drink, some leaves in his pot from a tree nearby. These green leaves when cooking smelled and tasted so wonderful, that Shen Nung even told to drink his people. The reputation of the tea in one place for a long time remains. It is assumed that in 800 AD, the Chinese tea was to Japan by monks, who studied Buddhism in China.

What makes this healthy beverage differs from all other teas?

 This is because it from Camellia sinensis, same system, in which the derivatives of oolong tea and black tea is produced. But even if there are all from the same grass, can Chinese is really exceptional as a health drink. So, what makes this drink different?

The difference lies in the method with which the Chinese produced it. Black and Oolong tea leaves are traditionally oxidized and then dried, while it is vaporized, and then dried. This process of making the tea actually kept most beneficial antioxidants present in it.

green tea for weight loss

Chinese green tea for weight loss and health

While it is already known that green tea has health benefits, have modern scientists able to grant a number of concrete evidence of the positive effects. The drink of antioxidant drinks is responsible, very beneficial.

Recent findings show that antioxidants can Chinese tea in the cholesterol levels in a person in the position, as blood vessels work, and in the situation improving to reduce lipids in the blood, reduce. E ‘ was also discovered that this drink can have an anti-inflammatory effect and protect against cardio vascular diseases.

Why People use green tea for weight loss

Significant results have been made, he stressed the benefits of green tea weight loss. According to researchers at the University of Geneva have thermo genic properties that help a lot in weight loss. Weight loss benefits looked a hot drink through the observation of the interaction between the caffeine in the beverage industry Chinese and a connection called Epi gallo catechin gallate (EGCG), in their study. If both of these substances are respond to increase thermo genesis in the body by four percent. The trend to the metabolism is to improve has reason to believe that the green coffee has positive effects on weight loss, the people as well.

A further study on the benefits of the weight loss of the drink was carried out also. The results of the studies showed that the tea drinkers have a better disposition of weight loss. Drink allows the body, an extra 70 calories per day and a company, that the weight loss enthusiasts to taste would burn.

Today, it is widely used as a drink and as an ingredient for weight loss products.

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