Frontal Lobe Headache: How to Get Relief?

frontal lobe headache

Are you feeling pain in forehead, bridge of nose, and cheek? You may going through a frontal lobe headache. These headaches are the effect of migraine, sinusitis problems or tension headache. Headache is common problem for all adults, no one cam claim he didn’t suffer from headache. The pain rises from easy to unbearable level. However, some of us don’t take headache seriously, especially ... Read More »

Frustrations in chronic back pain and solution

Frustrations in chronic back pain

What is wrong in me? Chronic back pain isn’t a diagnosis ? If you or one of your beloved people has lower back pain that the doctors cannot cure, you are in a right place.  Let me guess what condition you have: Perhaps you have pain in your back, muscles, or joints for which you have undergone every available medical ... Read More »

Back pain: illusion or a dangerous disease

back pain

Back pain definition Back pain may be defined as the pain affecting between the rib margins and the lower folds of buttocks. The amount of physical activities and bad postures influence back pain. Back pain limits movement of the spine. Back pain is frequently found to be a referred pain from other source of pain. Non-specific back pain is not ... Read More »

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

lower back pain during pregnancy

We all love kids. We want to have one kid in our home. When you have one kid in your home, everyone appreciates it. However, you bear the pain of giving birth to the kid. Many mothers experience lower back pain during pregnancy. Even, many experience lower back pain after the birth of the baby also. In today’s discussion, we ... Read More »

Spine pain: Everything you should know

spine pain

Spinal anatomy for spine pain To understand the spine pain well we need a brief knowledge about the spine anatomy. Spine is composed of 33 vertebrae. Among them, 7 vertebrae lie in cervical region. These vertebrae have an arrangement of backward bending. They, specially the first cervical vertebra atlas, bear the weight of head. The thoracic vertebrae, also known as ... Read More »

Neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain

Overview of neck and shoulder pain Neck pain is one of the symptoms of cervical spine problem or problem of neck musculature, ligament, vessels, nerves or any systemic problem or any cause in other place that is referred to neck. While neck pain and shoulder pain is a separate entity. Shoulder pain occurs mostly due to injury to the joint ... Read More »

Best exercises for lower back pain

exercises for lower back pain

Relief of lower back pain with exercise Back pain or commonly lower back pain is a common symptom that affects 60–80% of people at some time in their lives. Although the prevalence has not increased, reported disability from back pain has risen significantly in the last 30 years. A number of causes are responsible for it. While treating these we ... Read More »

Lower back pain: facts you should know

lower back pain

Back pain or lower back pain Lower back pain is commonly known as back pain. Back pain is very common nowadays. Lower back pain is a symptom not a disease. Many people complain low back pain. But most of them do not have spine related problem like nerve compression. Up to 80% of the population experience low back pain at ... Read More »

Neck pain causes and treatment

neck pain treatment

Neck pain and spine Neck is the part of human spine which has to carry the weight of head. It is only spine there with muscles, ligaments and fascia to provide support. Neck pain is arbitrarily defined as pain in cervical spine and surrounding soft tissues. Neck also gives support to structures like larynx, thyroid gland. But their pains are ... Read More »

Neck pain treatment

neck pain treatment

Do not give neck pain treatment, give treatment of whole patient Reassurance of patient is the first striking point in neck pain treatment. Then we have to find out the cause of neck pain and treat accordingly. Here are some neck pain treatment guidelines. Education of patient Patient education is paramount and should emphasize that pain does not imply harm ... Read More »