Frontal Lobe Headache: How to Get Relief?

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Are you feeling pain in forehead, bridge of nose, and cheek? You may going through a frontal lobe headache. These headaches are the effect of migraine, sinusitis problems or tension headache. Headache is common problem for all adults, no one cam claim he didn’t suffer from headache. The pain rises from easy to unbearable level. However, some of us don’t take headache seriously, especially when it is occasional, but you should consult with an expert in any situation. You should know the reason to have such type of headache, and treat them according to the cause.  Sometimes, frontal lobe headaches are preventable by home remedies. Are you familiar with the causes and their treatment of frontal lobe headache?

Causes of Frontal Lobe Headache

Headache is a common problem all over the world for each age. There is rarely any man who hadn’t ever passed through the headache. Headaches can be stratified according to the symptoms. Suppose, occipital headache causes at the back of your head, frontal headache happens on the front of your headache. So, you should find out the causes of your headache to prevent them or to get a better cure. Some people don’t care much about headache, but it’s very bad. Some headaches are too many challenging, cause serious problem. Some causes of frontal lobe headache are given below.

Sinusitis Problem

frontal lobe headache

Sinusitis is a very long-term and intense condition caused by the burning and the puffiness of the sinuses. Sinusitis problem causes the headache on nose, eye, and forehead. There is a connection between the forehead, eyes, and ears with the seniors. Sinus problem happens for allergies, flues, and cold also. It creates a remarkable pressure on forehead and head.

Anti-burning medicine of the sinuses as like as aspirin reduces the puffiness of sinus. Some antibiotics are also very effective to prevent such problems.

Tension Headache

frontal lobe headache

Tension headache is another major frontal lobe headache caused by stress, frustration, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, and other tension. Tension headache occurred in the head due to the neurological disturbance. Pericranial and cervical muscle activity in the upper spine and neck is directly responsible for such neurological disturbance. Tension headache also effect on neck, forehead, and head. Tension headache may cause serious problems sometimes. So, you should be very careful if you get any serious headache in your neck or forehead.

Migraine and Cluster Headache

Cluster headache and migraines both are happening due to the neurological dysfunction. The face sensation controller nerve trigeminal and the cranial nerve in the brain are responsible for such type of dysfunction. This type of dysfunction happens due to many factors such as some certain medication like birth control peel or vasodilators, vascular disturbance, emotional stress, and so on. Some food habit and excess of drinking alcohol is also responsible for this.

Temporal Arteritis

Temporal arteritis is triggered by the burning of the blood vessel situated above the eyes at the bridge of the nose. Blood circulation through the vessel reduces due to the bumping of the arteries. The bumping causes the vessel to thin.


Eyestrain causes to stay close to the computer for a long time. Some eye condition like unequal visions and astigmatism are responsible for eyestrain. These conditions cause frontal lobe headache and forehead headache also. Eyestrain prone faces many troubles with the headache such as eye dryness, blurred vision, eye redness, and so on. Sometimes, they face trouble to focus on a particular object. Tension is also a great factor to have such type of problem.


frontal lobe headache

Tumors are also responsible to have a frontal lobe headache. The pain of the tumor can’t be relieved within a short time. It takes a long time to prevent the frontal lobe headache with the pain of the tumor.

Frontal Lobe Headache Home Remedies

Some medicine may be taken to prevent the frontal lobe headache. You may take aspirin or acetaminophen or the combination of those to get a fast comfort.

Though Frontal headache is a common affair to all, the adults are the severe victims of it. These headaches are never caused for any single causes, but a bunch of factors are responsible for this. Some headaches may sort out easily, but some take a long time to say bye. You should get an appointment with a doctor to get a fast result if you see anything serious.

 The frontal lobe headache can be relieved by home remedies according to the symptoms. Some remedies are given below according to the symptoms of your frontal lobe headache.

Reducing Sinus Headache

Frontal headache is happened by the sinus sometimes. You may get a temporary remedy by steam inhalation. Steam inhalation decreases the pressure on the frontal sinuses. The patient may feel relief if the pressure decreased.


frontal lobe headache

Massage is the most efficient treatment to prevent the frontal lobe headache. It gives rest the muscles of the forehead. Massage also increases the blood flow through the vessel, which helps to reduce forehead headache. Massage to the forehead is not enough to reduce the headache. You also massage the shoulder and the neck to get a full package of prevention.

Water and Nutritious Food

Frontal lobe headache also causes of dehydration and low blood sugar. Drinking water and some nutritious food also increase the sugar level in blood, which helps to hydrate the body and reduce the headache.

Hot Water Shower

Hot water shower is very efficient to reduce frontal headache due to tension, frustration, and stress. Hot water bag vaporization on the forehead also works the same. Hot water treatment is a very effective treatment to reduce the headache.


frontal lobe headache

Caffeine containing coffee is too much effective to reduce the headache due to tension and stress. You may take a mug of hot coffee when you feel frontal headache.

Mild Rest

Some people like to stay in quiet and calm place while having a headache. It is too effective if you take mild rest for a several times when you feel headache.

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