Dermaroller For Acne Scars Removal

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Recent statistics of the , more than 70 percent Americans are affected by acne and most of them have scars on their skin. Acne left its ugly marks on the affected people’s skin that make them embarrassed and unhappy. Acne scars could be permanent, if not treated within time. You can take different supplements for acne. Surely, they will heal your acne. What about the acne scars now? How to heal them? Recent studies proved that a Dermaroller can be the effective solution for acne scars. Dermaroller significantly improves the roughness and wrinkles without any surgery.Dermaroller for acne

How your acne scars may look like?

Acne results the dermis inflammation in the affected area. The inflammation creates wound and heal that gather a huge amount of collagen, visualized as acne marks. Acne scars look like “ice pick” physically with the gathered collagen. Different types of acne scars are observed depending upon the individual skin types.

  • Ice peak scars: The ice peal scars wound like pits, which are most common in acne.
  • Box car scars: They look like small chicken pox scars, usually seen on the cheeks and temple. These scars sustained for a long time.
  • Macular scars: They discolor the skin, make the face spotted, by either hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation.
  • Hypertonic scars: It causes skin irritation and thicker.
  • Rolling scars: The face gets wavelike appearance.

What is Dermaroller?

An ultra-fine “micro needles” covers a barrel, which can be moved rolling on the skin. It is a medication kit to recover skin damage from acne, sun exposure, wrinkle and so on. The micro needles are designed to perforate the skin above the epidermis. Micro holes are created on the dermis, allow to generate new cells. Experts include Dermaroller as one of the modern treatment methods for acne scars.

How Dermaroller for acne scars work on your skin?

Acne produces varieties of scars and all are generated due to damage of skin cells. Dead cells and modified cells are responsible for the unwanted skin appearance. If we able to stimulate the skin to generate new cells instead of damaged one, it will solve all scars problems. According to this point, Derma roller has been made. Thousands of micro-holes are created on the affected skin, stimulate to generate new elastin and collagen, finally produce new cells. New cells will recover all skin problems. If you have a deep scar of acne, it will recuperate like the chicken pox marks. In the case of sunburn, dead cells appear on the skin, which can be replaced by new cells and skin will be fair. Skin tissue produces more elastin by using a Derma roller and it will solve your wrinkle problems.

How to use a Dermaroller?

You can use a Derma roller at your home. It is a non-surgical collagen inducer technique. So, it can be treated as a home remedies for acne scars. To use Derma roller go through the following steps:

  1. Wash your face properly with your chosen acne face washes.
  2. Apply disinfectants (medicated alcohol) to keep your skin free from bacteria and other infection causing agents.
  3. Start rolling the Derma roller on the skin. Roll 3 to 5 times per line, depending upon your skin.
  4. After finishing the rolling, keep the Derma roller into a sanitizer or disinfectant for 30 minutes. Then put it out and leave it to dry and store it in a contamination free box.
  5. If you want to use any cream, wait for 1-2 hours after rolling.
Some precautions for using a Dermaroller for acne scars

The following precautions need to keep in my before using a dermaroller:

  • Use disposable hand gloves before using a Dermaroller.
  • If you have bleeding when using Dermaroller, stop it immediately. Dermaroller should be used only if there is no chance of blood contamination.
  • If you want to use any acne cream before rolling, use the cream after using disinfectant and wait for some time to dry the skin.
  • When you use it daily, use the micro needle not longer than 1 mm.
  • If the needle is more than 1 mm, use only once a week.
  • In case of face skin, use the roller having needle not more than 0.5 mm long.
  • Don’t use the roller on lips and eye areas.
  • If the roller occurs more acne, stop using.
  • Always read the procedure on the roller packaging before using.
  • Most important thing is that, make sure your Dermaroller is infection free before using.

We always suggest you to consult with a doctor before starting any artificial acne treatment. Try the organic acne healing methods at first, the heal acne as well as the acne scars.

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