Natural abortion: Nine Safe Methods

Natural abortion

Natural abortion overview Natural abortion means abortion at any time due to natural causes. This is more common in second to third month of pregnancy. Even during the first few weeks of pregnancy, natural abortion may happen without recognition of the mother. However, many think that natural abortion is the abortion without surgical intervention. Self-induced abortion may also terminate naturally ... Read More »

Missed abortion: Abortion with fetus inside

missed abortion

Missed abortion definition It is a type of abortion where the fetus is dead and retained inside the uterus for a variable period before the age of viability (before 20 weeks of gestation). If the fetus dies and retains inside uterus after the age of viability, it is called intrauterine death. If this process occurs before 12 weeks there is ... Read More »

Incomplete abortion

incomplete abortion

Incomplete abortion overview Incomplete abortion occurs when there is an inadequate effort to expel product of conception by uterus. This may occur spontaneously or during induction of abortion by an ineffective method or partial use of methods e.g. taking less dose of MISOPROSTOL. Patients with incomplete abortion can be managed with evacuation of content or medical managements. Incomplete abortion definition ... Read More »

Septic Abortion: A complication of home abortion

septic abortion

Overview of septic abortion Home abortion some say natural abortion is actually a criminal abortion or illegal abortion. As legal conflicts are not yet solved some countries give right of abortion to mother. But if we analyze the abortion facts we see this type of abortion is not only kills fetus but also have a deleterious effect on the mother’s ... Read More »

Abortion facts: killing a human or pregnancy strategy

Abortion facts

Abortion facts: Definition of abortion Abortion is defined as termination of pregnancy before the age of viability of fetus, either spontaneous or induced, with or without expulsion of product of conception, the weight of product being less than 500 grams. Abortions are of two types 1) Spontaneous abortion, 2) Induced abortion. Again induced abortion may be 1) Legal or Medical ... Read More »