15 Surprising Health Benefits of Cucumber

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You will be surprised after knowing how cucumber scientific name, Cucumis sativus, serves for health and beauty. Cucumber belongs to the watermelon family, which are made up of 95% water. Cucumber has high water content, it keeps your body hydrated. Not only for water, you may also find vitamin B, C, K, copper, sodium, potassium and manganese in cucumber. Therefore, eating cucumber will recover your nutrient deficiency. Besides, cucumber contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that helps to reduce many physical disorders. For the amazing health benefits of cucumber doctors recommended it as a super food. It is one of the most cultivated vegetables worldwide and everyone around the world like its salad. Try to keep cucumber in your daily meal.Health benefits of cucumber

Health benefits of cucumber you don’t know!

Some we have tried to focus here:

  1. Cooling: cucumber helps to normalize body temperature. Drink cucumber juice in hot and dry weather, your body will cool down naturally.
  2. Blood pressure: high cholesterol level is the main factor for high blood pressure. Cucumber reduces blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. On the other hand, in low blood pressure, trace amount of mineral in cucumber cause retention of water to maintain normal blood volume and blood pressure.
  3. Protection of the brain: flavonol is an anti-inflammatory compound found in cucumber, which helps to maintain brain function. Moreover, it protects your memory cell from declining with age. It has been proven that cucumber gives defense against Alzheimer’s disease (memory disorder).
  4. Reduce fat: cucumber contains high amount of fiber with low calorie. Eating low calorie food will help to maintain a healthy body weight and fiber will reduce blood cholesterol by trapping them while excretion. Dietitians always suggest fatty people need to take lots of cucumbers with their meal.
  5. Hair and skin care: habit of eating cucumber is beneficiary to hair also. Silicon and other minerals give protection to hair fall. Hair growth will increase. Cucumber paste is popular to women as it can remove dark spots on face. Slices of cucumber can reduce skin irritation and puffy eyes. If you have puffy eyes in the morning, put two cucumber slices on your eyes for 10 minutes. Cucumber paste and juice can treat sunburn effectively by cooling and healing.
  6. Control acidity: cucumber juice is chemically alkaline, effectively maintain stomach pH and neutralize acidity. Patients having stomach and duodenal ulcer are treated with cucumber juice as a potent home remedy.
  7. Anticancer properties: researchers found that pinoresinol, lariciresinol and secoisolariciresinol are present in cucumber. These three compounds give the first line of defense against several cancers, including colon cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer and prostate cancer. All of these cancers are related to estrogen (reproductive hormone). Compounds of cucumber binds with the estrogen receptor, reduce the risk of estrogen linked disorder.
  8. Diabetes management: vitamins and minerals of cucumber are very helpful for hormone production. They induce the pancreas to release insulin. Therefore, insulin in blood maintains the body glucose level and control diabetes. Cucumber can also maintain blood circulation to keep a healthy life.
  9. Hangover recovery: cucumber juice can be used to treat hangover and headache related with it.The most important benefit of cucumber is to remove toxins from the body and hydration capacity. After taking alcohol, body nutrients go down and toxicity rises up. In that condition, take some slice of cucumber, the sugar, minerals and vitamins will diminish the hangover and other complications.
  10. Constipation: if you take a cucumber with each meal, it will improve your constipation. It contains no oil and saturated fat that bad for constipation. As cucumber has high fiber and water content, it can soften your stool and chronic constipation can be cured.
  11. Diuretic: diuretics means that compounds are responsible for urination. The waste materials of our body excrete through urine. Cucumber juice is diuretic that increase urination, remove waste and help removal of kidney stones.
  12. Fever and inflammation: we have mentioned above that cucumber juice is a cooling drink, which cool down our body temperature. It has a quick effect observed in fever. Cucumber also contains high amount of anti-oxidants. Antioxidants inhibit prostaglandin synthesis that is responsible for inflammation of the human body. Cucumber remove uric acid from the body and uric acid deposition causes pain in joints (gout). As a result, it can serve in asthma, arthritis, gout and other inflammatory related diseases
  13. Bone and dental health: vitamin K deficiency is often associated with the risk of osteoporosis (low bone density) and pain in bone joints. This problem can overcome by taking more fruits and vegetables. Cucumber serves enough amount of vitamin K that improve calcium absorption for bone and tooth strength. Taking cucumber also develop gum strength and kill bacteria causing bad breath.
  14. Improve digestive system: cucumbers are rich in water and insoluble fiber. These two elements are main for good digestive system. It will keep your digestive tract normal. But you should not take cucumber in diarrhea and dysentery.
  15. As food: you can make your food more delicious by adding fresh salad of cucumber. When you take it with red meat or grilled meat, saturated fat will trapped in cucumber fiber and health risk will be lower. Before taking cucumber, you should clean it with water, because pesticides are used in cucumber cultivation. Choose green one rather than yellowish cucumber. You should take fresh cucumber salad, if it is made a long time before, bacteria started to grow.

Do you ever know, cucumber can be used as lather shiner. After hearing these health benefits, when you’ve decided to buy cucumber for yourself and your family. Make sure they are organic and free form chemicals. .

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