What Causes Dark Spots on Lips?

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Black spots on lips are not unusual to men and women. Many experience black spots on lips. Dark spots on lips make the person unattractive and unpleasant. The appearance does not also look embarrassing for dark spots on lips. There are many reasons of causing black spots on lips.

What Causes Dark Spots on Lips

Smoking generally causes dark spots on lips in men.

Let’s see what causes dark spots on lips actually.

The common causes of dark spots on lips

Your dark spots on lips may be caused from smoking to random lifestyles. Anyway, take a view over the causes:

Lip licking or biting: Many have bad habit of lip licking. Especially men and women lick their lips in cold atmosphere because they think that licking can save their lips from drying. Rather it makes lips dry and black.

For lack of vitamin B: Many do not eat sufficient foods rich in Vitamin B. For lacking of vitamin B, you can experience many problems. One of them is black spots on lips. Insufficient of vitamin B also causes angular cheilitis (cracking and inflammation at the corners of the lips). It can finally create fungal infection.

Dryness on lips: You probably notice that at winter when your lips become dry, they also look dark. Sometimes you notice black spots in several places of your lips.

Smoking: Who does not know smoking creates black spots on lips? Basically the nicotine in cigarette causes the discoloration on lips and around the lips. In men a study proved that 73% out of 213 are getting black spots on lips from smoking.

Hormone imbalance: The hormone imbalance causes black spots on lips are known as thyroid imbalance. This converts the lips into dry first and then the lips become turned into black.

Excessive usage of lipstick: The women, who use excessive lipstick, may face dark spots on lips.

Using expired lip products: All know that expired lip products are harmful for lips but many dishonest brands sell expired and old lip products.

Low quality products: The cosmetics for skin especially for lips and face should be high quality and expensive because the low quality cosmetics are made of with low quality ingredients that are harmful for skin.

Excessive consumption of iron: Iron is a must for body but when the body consumes excessive amount o iron, it affects the body in various ways. One of them is you experience black spots on lips.

Dental fixtures: The dental fixtures that are not fit well may cause dark spots on lips. Go to your dentist and fit your dental fixtures properly.

Taking excessive amount of caffeine: If you take hot coffee and tea more than 5 cups a day, you may face dark spots on lips.

Hyper pigmentation: Someone inherits the black lips. It is called pigmentation. It has generally no remedies. You can use lipsticks or lip colors for dark lips.

Lip cancer: The women or men, who are exposed more to sun exposure, may face lip cancer. Lip cancer attacks the lower level of lips. Sometimes it causes lumps. To get rid of it, you should consult with your dermatologist. American Cancer Society says, “Cancer in lips is rare but any one may face it. In 2012 35000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer in USA. Among them 45% was presented in mouth roof, gums and lips.”

Allergies: From your lip medications you can be reacted by allergies especially on or around the lips. The allergic reaction turn the lips black in several spots. The allergies may come also from your toothpaste and other lip products.

Hot food eating: If you have the habit of eating hot foods regularly, it continues to develop black spots on the lips.

Sun exposure: The person, who has to drive more in the sun exposure, he experiences black patches on the lips.

Diseases: There are 3 types of diseases that can create dark patches on lips. These diseases are Luagier-Hunziker syndrome, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome and Addison’s disease. But, these are happened in rare cases.

Amalgam tattoo: During dental related work amalgam tattoos are done. Small metallic particles are embedded into your skin with high speed dental equipment. These are one kind of graphite tattoos. This amalgam tattoo can create black spots on your lips. But, very few people do it.

Now are you feeling upset? No problem. See our guidelines on how to remove or treat dark spots on lips.

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