Homemade Treatment for Chapped Lips Works Best

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Facing chapped lips is very common in cold or winter season. There are hardly any people who don’t suffer from cracked lips. Sometimes lips are so dry that blood comes out of lips. This chapped situation of lips is really unbearable. So, to get rid of chapped lips, men and women need to be conscious, take preventive measures and take treatment for dry lips.

Causes of dry or chapped lips

Treatment for Chapped Lips

Licking leads lips to dryness.

Before taking treatment for chapped lips, women have to know first why they are facing dry lips. The reasons of cracked lips (click here to read detail causes) help them much to take treatment for chapped lips. Here are some common causes for dry lips. For example- licking lips, winter or cold season, allergies on lips, breathing from mouth, dehydration etc.

Type of cracked or chapped lips

Chapped lips come into two ways. First- simple chapped lips known as dry lips and second, severe chapped or sore lips. In getting treatment for severe cracked lips (click here to read treatment for severe chapped lips), men and women may have to take medications as their dermatologist. Besides, there are many products for chapped lips. For example- balms, creams etc.

Treatment for chapped lips

Here, we will give you treatment for chapped lips. When your lips are cracked or dry, you can use different kinds of homemade treatments. Homemade or natural treatment for chapped lips has no any side effects and work for a long time.

Stop breathing from mouth

Many men and women have habit of taking breath from mouth at sleeping. This leads lips to dry and makes lips cracked especially in winter.

Stop licking lips

Many have also bad habit of licking lips. They think that licking lips keep lips wet and soft. But, it is absolutely wrong. Rather licking lips increases the possibility of cracking or dry lips more.

Drink lot of water

In winter our lips face lack of water. As the atmosphere in winter keeps less water and we generally take less water in this time, we face lack of water in our body. This process of lacking water in body is called dehydration. Lip skin is the most sensitive of the whole body. So lips become chapped easily in dehydration

Eat lot of fruits and vegetables

Eating lot of vegetables and fruits provide us with lot of water. Water helps to hydrate and keeps the balance of moisturizers on skin. Water keeps lips dry free.

Sunflower seed oil

It is a good homemade or natural treatment for chapped lips. Apply sunflower seed oil on cracked lips and feel better.

Castor seed oil

You can also use castor seed oil on dry lips. It provides cracked lips with moisturizers and makes lips soft.

Avoid cold weather

In winter during going to outside you should put scarf around the face so that it prevents cold weather to face. You can also use various chapped lips creams when you go for a walk in cold weather.


Lack of vitamin B complex, vitamin B3 and vitamin B2 causes dry or chapped lips. So, when you face cracked lips, you should also take these vitamins. But, remember to counsel your dermatologist.


You can rub honey on lips with small cotton ball at night. It removes dry skin from lips and makes lips soft and smooth with sexy pinkish look.

Brush with tooth brush

When you clean your teeth with tooth brush, you can rub your dry lips with tooth brush softly. It will remove dry skin on lips and keep lips moisturized.

Don’t use chemical sun screen

Stop using chemical sun screen on dry lips because it may lead lips to broken skin. Then you may face more chapped situation on lips.


You can use various ointments that contain natural ingredients such as Shea butter, lanolin and vitamin E, beeswax and dimethicone. These natural elements keep lips dehydrated and moisturized.

Fresh sugar

Treatment for Chapped Lips

Fresh sugar is a good natural remedy for chapped lips.

Sugar is a good homemade or natural treatment for dry or chapped lips. Rub sugar onto lips softly with small soft cotton ball for several minutes. Then see, the dry skin on lips have gone out and lips look pink and soft.

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline

You can also use various good branded petroleum jelly and Vaseline for your chapped or dry lips. These ointments keep lips wet and dry free for a long time. In the Asian countries petroleum jelly and Vaseline are very famous in winter in the treatment for chapped lips.

SPF based products

There are many good branded and famous SPF riched lips balms or creams for chapped lips treatment in winter in the market. You can also try these products.


Don’t worry if the above natural or homemade treatment for chapped lips does not work. Take patience and go to your dermatologist. Have a pair of sexy and pinkish lips.

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