Treatment for Dry Sore Lips: Protect Your Natural Beauty

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Dryness on lips is very familiar in winter. Sometimes dryness is so acute that we feel much pain in lips. Even we feel pain in smiling or talking. This painful situation on lips is known as sore lips. It is also known as severe chapped lips or dry sore lips.

What causes dry sore or chapped lips? There are many causes of dry sore lips. Here we will describe the common causes of chapped lips.

  • Winter or cold- in this time we face more dry sore lips.
  • Dehydration or lack of water leads to dry or sore lips.
  • Frequent sun exposure in winter causes sore or dry lips.
  • Low quality lips products also create sore on lips.
  • Allergies on lips causes sore lips
  • Toothpaste containing Guaiazulene and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate leads lips to sore or dryness.
  • Lack of vitamin A is also a cause of dry or sore lips.
  • Mouth breathing leads lips to dryness.
  • Lip licking also causes sore lips.
  • Medications like Prochlorperazine, Propranolol, Perleche etc. are reasons of chapped or sore lips.

Treatment for dry sore lips

In treatment for dry sore lips we always emphasis on natural or homemade remedies because they have no side effects and work permanently. Yet, here we will give you some tips to treat your dry sore lips.

Use best chapsticks for dry sore lips

The chapsticks made of natural remedies are good for dry lips. You can use Burt’s Bees Chapstick because it contains natural ingredients like beeswax and vegetables oil. You can also use chapsticks that contain honey. Honey keeps lips moisturized for a long time.

Protect lips

Dry Sore Lips
Protecting lips from cold prevents dry sore lips.

Castor oil is a good natural healing to protect lips from being dry, chapped and sore. It keeps lips moisturized. When you go outside in cold, you must wear a scarf around your face so that your lips and face do not become dry.


Petroleum is good for chapped lips. It moisturizes sore lips and reduces pain. But you must use natural petroleum.

Lip balm

There are many balms for chapped lips. But remember, balms for sore lips must be alcohol free and contain SPF of 15.

General tips in treating dry sore lips

  • Drink lot of water.
  • Don’t pass time in the sun for a long time.
  • Protect lips from acute cold
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Choose best quality chapped lips products.
  • Put importance on natural or homemade treatment for dry lips.
  • Don’t lick the lips.
  • Don’t peel off dry skin.
  • Use room humidifier.
  • Rub lips with soft bristle tooth brush very softly during cleaning tooth at morning and it removes dry skin.

Don’t worry if your lips do not get rid of sore or pain. Emphasis natural remedies for dry sore lips. If it is not working, then, go to your dermatologist. Best of luck with beautiful and pink lips.

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