How to Lighten Dark Lips Fast and Naturally

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How to lighten dark lips is not very difficult. To lighten dark lips into pink, you just need your willingness and giving time to take care of your black lips. Imagine how beautiful you are looking with your natural, pink, red and supple lips! It is also important to inspire you to lighten dark lips. Again, imagine how difficult it is to get make up everyday on lips to make them pink and beautiful! Really! if you have naturally pink and red lips, you do not have hassles to make up your dark lips.

Anyway, let us know how to lighten dark lips naturally using best natural and homemade remedies.

Tips # 01: How to lighten dark lips

To get rid of black lips you have to identify the reasons why your lips are dark. When you confirm about the causes of black lips, try to avoid these things. Generally our lips become dark for smoking, coffee, tea, sun exposure, makeup on lips; low quality lips products, UV rays, and allergies on lips, genetic dark lips, hormonal imbalance, illness or stress and so on. So, avoid right now

  • Smoking
  • Taking excessive caffeine drinks like coffee, black tea, alcohol etc.
  • Removing makeup from lips at night
  • Protecting lips from heavy sun exposure
  • Using low quality lips products
  • Controlling stress, allergies on lips, treating illness leading dark lips

Tips # 02: How to lighten dark lips

There are many natural or homemade remedies to lighten dark lips. Here, we will give you only one and best natural remedy by that you can get a full knowledge about how to lighten dark lips.

Rose petals and milk

Lighten Dark Lips

Homemade remedies are best to lighten dark lips

From centuries to centuries rose petal and milk are famous to lighten dark lips to women. In the ancient time there were no available lips care products. So, the then women used various natural elements to take care of their beauty. The women of that time were naturally beautiful because they use various natural ingredients for increasing their beauty. Moreover, natural elements to lighten dark lips have no side effects also.

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How to lighten dark lips with rose petals and milk

Take a small bowl. Then, blend some rose petals into a blender. Now, put these blending rose petals in the bowl and pour some milk into it. Then, make a paste with blending rose petals and milk. Now, take a soft small cotton ball. Put some paste on your dark lips. Wet the cotton ball into paste. Then, rub the cotton ball onto your lips. When the paste from the cotton ball or on the lips becomes dry, again put some paste on lips and wet the cotton ball into paste. In this way, rub your dark lips for 12 to 15 minutes every day before going to sleep. Gradually you will see natural pink lips. Remember that it will take time to get natural pink lips. It is not possible to lighten dark lips overnight. Besides, it is natural remedy that always takes time but cure permanently.

Best of luck and enjoy your pink lips with our “how to lighten dark lips” tips.

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How to lighten dark lips is a complex matter for the women who want to lighten dark lips into pink. But, it is easy to lighten dark lips naturally.

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