8 Best Natural Home Remedies for dark Lips Treatment

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dark Lips Treatment

Lemon juice bleaches darkness and gives pinkish or reddish color on lips.

Lips enhance the beauty and appealing on face. But, sometimes women and men experience dark lips. Dermatologists find out many causes for dark lips. For example- smoking, sun exposure, allergy, caffeine, UV rays and so on. Get detail about dark lips causes.  The dark tones reduce the beauty on lips. So, the women feel shame to go out to public. They try many things like lip cream, lip balm or lipstick for dark lips lightening. But, unfortunately fail because lips cosmetics give natural color for a short time. That’s why; the women need some treatment that can give dark lips shining and pink color with healthy skin. In this case, women can rely completely on natural home remedies to treat their dark lips.

Natural home remedies

Natural home remedies treat dark lips carefully and permanently without any side effects. If any women want to get pink or red or rosy lips in natural way, they must use these natural home remedies.

  1. Honey- Honey has not only health benefits but also beauty care benefits. A proverb says, “Honey and black seeds increase brain and memory.” But, a few know honey is very fruitful to skin care. Rub your dark or black lips with honey with a small soft cotton ball for 3 minutes. Or apply some honey on lips and leave for whole night for enjoying a pinkish glow lip at morning.
  2. Castor oil and almond oil- These are also great healers. Almond oil has a great feature to control weight gain.  Mix some castor oil and almond oil. Massage your black lips with this mixture gently for 3 minutes. It gives lips a shining look.
  3. Lemon juice- Lemon juice has vitamin C which is best to bleach dark patches or spots from lips. Night is the best time to massage your lips with squeezed lemon juice for 3 minutes. Leave some lemon juice on your dark lips also for better lightening lips.
  4. Straw berry- Take one tablespoon of straw berry juice and two tablespoons of petroleum jelly. Mix them well. Massage your dark lips with this mixer and leave throughout the night. At morning enjoy rosy and sexy lips.
  5. Ice cubes- Cool ice cube is also a good option to lighten dark or black lips. Massage your dark lips with ice cubes for 3 minutes. It makes lips soft, moisturized, hydrated and natural. Ice cubes massaging helps to follow blood through lips so that lips look red or pink or rosy.
  6. Sugar- Take some natural raw sugar. Massage your dark lips with sugar very softly for 3 minutes. It lightens lips gradually.
  7. Rose petals and milk- Rose petals and milk are great for enhancing beauty. In the ancient Rome, milk was used to treat skin color. The Romans believed that milk would increase the brightness of skin. See our recipe how to treat dark lips with milk and rose petals.
  8. Milk cream- milk cream helps to lighten dark tones from lips. Massage your dark lips softly with milk cream for 3 minutes and leave throughout the night. In the morning you will notice a bright glow on your lips.

Dark lips treatment in men

Men are not usually as conscious as women to beautify their lips. Smoking is the main reason of dark lips in men. In addition, they are not likely to use any cosmetic on lips. So, their lips are darker than those of women. But, men are now being conscious about their beauty. See more how to treat dark lips of men.

Treat dark lips from smoking

The best way to treat or lighten dark lips from smoking is to quit smoking. To quit smoking gradually returns natural color on lips. Besides, the smokers can apply other treatments to lighten their dark lips. Read detail about the treatment of dark lips from smoking.

Leaser treatment for dark lips

Nowadays laser treatment is being popular to treat dark lips. The women or men who have dark lips from birth, they cannot treat or lighten their dark lips with natural home remedies. In this case, they can use leaser treatment for dark lips. Get more information on leaser treatment for dark lips.

Tips to treat dark lips

  • Take care of your lips at night before sleeping.
  • In massaging, use your finger tips or soft cotton ball.
  • Massage your lips very softly or gently as lips are the most sensitive parts on face.
  • Drink lots of water as it hydrates lips.
  • Eat lot of vegetables and fruits because they save us from discoloration of skin.
  • Use high or expensive lip products.
  • Remove makeup from lips at night.
  • Reduce the amount of caffeine like tea or coffee
  • Stop smoking.
  • Prevent your lips from bad atmosphere such as- very hot or cold or sun exposure.

Yet, you have dark lips; you should go to your dermatologist to talk about your dark lips treatment.

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