Common Causes and Effective Treatments of Dark Spots on Lips

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Dark spots on lips are unpleasant to look one beautiful. Especially it is very embarrassing to women if they have dark spots on lips though very few men and women experience black spots on lips. There are many causes for black spots on lips. But, you can be happy there are also many good natural home remedies to get rid of dark spots on lips. First, we should know about the important causes of black spots on lips.

What causes dark spots on lips?

  • Sun exposure- The men and women, who explore more in the sun, can have dark or dry patches on lips.
  • Caffeine- Excessive amount of taking caffeine such as- tea, coffee etc causes dark or black lines on lips.
  • Hot foods- The persons, who have bad habits to eat hot foods like pizza, any fried foods etc, may experience black spots on lips. It is especially happened when they are exposed to hot foods for a long time.
  • Licking lips- Many men and women think licking lips keeps lips wet but it is not correct. Licking lips gives saliva that is very harmful to lips.
  • Excessive iron in the body- Some people have more iron in the body than they need. Excessive presence of iron in the body causes dark spots on lips. Excessive iron is obtained in the body basically from genetics or family background or high iron foods.
  • Lack of vitamin B- Many men and women have dark spots on lips for lack of vitamin B. But, interesting thing is they don’t know what actually causes it.
  • Hormone changes- There are many kinds of hormones in human body. Different hormones complete different responsibilities. When any hormone gets changed, human body also find changes. In this way, you may feel black patches on lips. But, your dermatologist exactly can say what hormone is causing black tone on your lips.
  • Allergy- You may react to allergy on lips from tooth paste, lips makeup cosmetics or any other thing. If the allergy continues on lips, you may face brown lips as a result of it.
  • Lips cosmetics- Lips are the most sensitive parts of the face. If any women use low quality lips cosmetics or expired lips makeup, they may have dark spots on lips.
  • Pigmentation- Excessive pigmentation also cause dark spots on lips.
  • Illness- Sometimes illness may cause black tones on your lips. But, your dermatologist can only say what illness is causing it. Cancer may cause dark spots on lips but it is rare.

Dark spots on lips from smoking

Everybody knows that smoking causes dark spots on lips. I see, many of my friends, who smoke for a long time, their lips are black. May be smoking is the most common thing that causes dark spots on lips. But, it is a matter of sorrow that the persons, who smoke, cannot quit it.

Stop smoking- If you can quit smoking, you will get good result with a very short time. Tobacco in smoking basically bears dark tones on lips. Stop smoking means absence of tobacco, absence of dark spots on lips.

Already you have known what causes dark spots on lips. Now, let’s discuss how to get rid of dark spots on lips.

See the detail causes of dark spots on lips.

How to get rid of dark spots on lips?

To remove dark spots on lips is not so difficult because there are some particular things that work best to remove or reduce black patches on lips. Actually it depends on how you are careful of your daily lips care. We will divide it into two ways such as- natural home remedies and some habits changes can reduce your black spots on lips.

Treat with natural home remedies

Natural home remedies reduce black tones from your lips very carefully without any side damages. Natural remedies are also permanent to enhance your lips beauty. Our some best natural home remedies are as follows:

  • Apple cider vinegar or beetroot- You can use beetroot or apple cider vinegar as they bleach the discoloration from skin. Rub dark spots gently with apple cider vinegar with finger tips or a soft small cotton ball. Doing it daily 2 or 3 times will remove black tones from lips.
  • Water- Lack of water causes dehydration on lips. Dehydration leads lips to black or dark spots. So, drink lot of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Hydrated body means hydrated lips and it reduces dark tones from lips.
  • Lemon juice- Lemon juice has a great magical power of bleaching skin. Take 2 teaspoons lemon juice and 1 teaspoon honey in a clean small bowl. Mix them well. Now, rub this mixture onto lips with a small soft cotton ball for 3 minutes. Doing it a few times a day removes dark lines from lips.
  • Rose petals and glycerin- Make a paste with rose petals and glycerin. Rub your dark lips with this mixture softly 2 to 3 minutes daily especially at night before sleeping. Rose petals are good for smokers to get back his natural lips color.

Other ways to get rid of dark spots on lips

  • Lip balm- Excessive sun exposure make lips dry and gradual dryness causes dark spots on lips in the long run. Lip balm is a great option in this case. When you go out in the sun, you should use best lip balm that can protect your lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Lipstick- Lipstick is a good option to cover dark lines or spots on lips. Especially women can use natural pink or red or purple color lipsticks when they go outside or to public places.
  • Chapstick- Capstick is very popular with women in winter. Chapstick prevents lips from being dry or chapped that can cause dark spots on lips in the long run.

Good habits are must to get rid of dark spots on lips

  • Normal foods- Don’t eat very hot or very cool foods as hot foods increases dark tones on lips.
  • Reduce tea or coffee- The women and men, who drink lot of tea or coffee or other caffeine, they should reduce the amount of caffeine to soothe their lips from black.
  • High quality lip cosmetics- Women always should choose high and expensive lips products. See whether the cosmetics have expired date or not. High quality lip products means less harms to lips.
  • Avoid high iron foods- You must not eat high iron foods or supplements. You should choose ideal iron developed foods or supplements.
  • Discuss with dermatologist- You may experience dark spots on lips from some medications such as- estrogens, phenytoin, amiodarone, tetracyclines, sulfonamide, phenothiazines. You should talk to your doctor how to get rid of dark spots on lips causing by these medications. He can only suggest you best.
  • Stop alcohol- Alcohol also creates black patches or spots on lips. If you can stop alcoholic items, you will get you natural color on lips.
  • Eating vitamin C- The smokers should eat moderate amount foods that are rich in vitamin C. It is a must in collagen develop. Collagen helps to renew tissues in lips that look lips beautiful.

Yet you have dark spots on your lips, you should go under your doctor.

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