Dark Lips Natural Treatment Needs When Women Need permanent Pink Lips

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Dark lips Natural treatment is the most effective and permanent if a woman thinks that a beautiful pair of lips is the main source of beauty. Besides, lips are the main attractive and appealing parts of face. But, what happens if her lips are black or dark? She loses her confidence and beauty to attract others. So, it is high time to get full knowledge about dark lips natural treatment to get natural pink lips.

Reasons or causes of dark or black lips

Dark Lips Natural Treatment

Dark lips loses your beauty

There are many reasons or causes of dark or black lips. But, the common causes are smoking, excessive taking of coffee, sun exposure etc.

Dark lips natural treatment

Natural or homemade remedies are best to lighten dark lips because homemade treatment has no side effect and makes the lips naturally pink. But, you have to take natural lips care or treatment every day if you want really pink lips. Dark lips natural treatment is at a glance:

Scrub your lips with soft bristled tooth brush

Every night when you brush your teeth, you should rub your lips with tooth brush softly because it removes dry skin and darkness from lips.

Massage your lips with lemon juice and almond oil

Before going to sleep, you should massage your lips with lemon juice and almond oil. It is a great source of removing darkness from lips and gives you natural pink lips. Combination of lemon juice and almond oil is a great dark lips natural treatment.

Remove your lips makeup

Sometimes women forget to remove lipsticks or makeup from their lips at night. But, long time staying of makeup on lips can make your lips black or dark.

Scrub your lips with sugar and cold cream

Make a paste with sugar and cold cream or olive oil. Then, scrub it on lips to exfoliate your lips. It makes your lips pink and removes darkness from lips.

Moisturize your lips

If you want to get natural pink lips, you should moisturize your lips every day. If you want to go outside, you should use various good lips balm or petroleum jelly, and when you stay at house, you can use coco butter on the lips. These can get your lips moisturized and soft.

Use pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate is a great fruit for good health and it is also very taste fruit. It has a good red-pink color. From the ancient time, women are using pomegranate juice to take care their lips. They believe that if they use pomegranate on their lips, they will get lips like pomegranate color. Actually, pomegranate juice turns your lips into pink if you use its juice on the lips regularly. Pomegranate is a great homemade or dark lips natural treatment.

Cucumber juice

Rub some cucumber juice on lips for five minutes and lighten your lips into natural pink lips. Whenever you get some times, you can use cucumber slice onto your lips. Cucumber juice is also good for weight loss.

Scrub your lips with rose petals and milk

A paste of rose petal with milk is a good dark lips natural treatment. Make a paste with rose petal and milk, and rub this paste onto lips at night for five to eight minutes, and it removes the darkness from your lips.

Scrub your lips with carrot juice or beetroot juice

Carrot juice is famous for natural skin care from centuries to centuries. Carrot juice gives skin a pink and soft tone. It removes the dryness and darkness from the lips.

Orange peel

It is a great source of natural treatment for dark lips. When you eat orange, you can use its peel to cleanse your lips. If you do it daily, you will get a natural pink lips.

Use lime juice, glycerin and honey

Dark Lips Natural Treatment

Honey is a homemade remedy for dark lips

You can make a natural paste with lime juice, glycerin and honey. Then, leave this paste on the lips all over the night. If you do it regularly, you must get soft and natural pink lips.

Strawberry juice with petroleum jelly

You can also use strawberry juice with petroleum jelly. It removes dryness and darkness from lips. It is also a good homemade remedy for dark lips.

Rules and regulations in dark lips natural treatment

You must also change your life style to get natural pink lips. Such as-

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Drink less coffee
  • Use right lipstick
  • Avoid sucking your lips
  • Avoid chlorinated water

Follow dark lips natural treatment and enjoy real pink lips without darkness and dryness. Remember again, dark lips natural treatment works permanently.

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Dark lips natural treatment is best if women want to get natural pink lips. Homemade treatment lightens dark lips naturally and beautifully into pink lips.

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