Chapped Lips: Remedies Are at Home

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The lips may be the most attractive part of your face. Glamorous lips can make you lovely and stunning, but when your lips are chapped or dry, they ruin your beauty and make you unattractive. The main problem with dry lips is that you can’t hide them with anything. Dry lips are a common problem in the winter season because of dehydration, but some people face this problem throughout the year. You feel uncomfortable and irritated everywhere because of this problem.

How would you be sure that your lips are dry? what causes chapped lips? If you feel dryness and observe redness, cracking or sore on your lips, then you are facing the dry lips problem. These are the very common symptoms of this problem.

Why lips are so dry? Several reasons are behind dry lips problem, but vitamin deficiency, allergic reaction, dehydration, smoking, excessive licking of lips, sun exposure or harsh weather can be considered as the main reasons behind the problem.

Home remedies for dry lips

You will find many commercial or medicated products available in nearby shops for the treatment of dry lips.  However, there are some natural remedies for dry lips you can easily follow to get rid of this problem and you can save your time and money too. The ingredients for these remedies are available around your house, so you can easily make a good use of them.

  • Sugar can be used for exfoliating dead cells off your lips and will help to restore their natural softness quickly. Mix one teaspoon honey with two teaspoon sugar and apply this mixture on your lips and wait for a few minutes. Then gently rub the mixture around on your lips to loosen the dead cells and wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Honey is a great natural moisturizer and very effective to heal dry lips. Just apply some pure honey on your lips and try to do this several times a day to retain the moisture and heal them quickly.
  • Coconut oil is very effective for the treatment of dry lips. Apply a small amount of coconut oil on your lips several times a day to keep the moisture. Olive oil or mustard oil can be used for recovering this problem too.
  • Aloe Vera can be an amazing treatment for your dry lips and for your skin also. Apply some Aloe Vera gel on your chapped lips daily and see the difference after some days.
  • Smash come rose petals and mix a few drops of glycerin with them and put this mixture on your lips to keep the moisture and retain the color of your lips. It would be beneficial if you apply this mixture at night before going to bed. You use rose water also or glycerin only.
  • To make your lips soft and pink, castor oil can be used on your dry lips.
  • You can rub a cucumber slice on your chapped lips to cure this problem.
  • Put some lemon juice on your lips every day.
  • You can use milk cream on your lips to make them soft.
  • A mixture of lemon juice and Vaseline can be applied on your lips and wait for 15 minutes. Then wash it with warm water.

Lot of chapped lips affected people ask, do natural remedies works for severe conditions? Yes, natural home remedies can reduce the dryness even the condition is severe such as you may have bleeding.

Make your lips more glamorous

Regardless the home remedies for dry lips, you can follow the tips give below:

  • Always apply sunscreen on your lips before going out to avoid dry, dark and patchy lips.
  • Drink a plenty of water every day.
  • To get rid of the dead cells on your lips, you can gently buff your lips with a soft toothbrush.
  • When you feel dryness of your lips never wash them with water. This will make your lips drier. You can use Vaseline or balm.
  • Try to change your food habit and include more green vegetables and vitamin rich food.
  • Licking of lips cause more chapping so avoid this.
  • Avoid smoking and be aware that you do not sleep with open mouth at night.
  • Find out if the effect of your medication is the cause of the dry lips problem.
  • Try to use medicated Chap Stick.
  • Try to scrub your lips once a week to remove dead cells.
  • Use a humidifier in your office or home of possible.
  • Avoid excessive use of commercial products for your skin.
  • Try to use fluoride-free toothpaste.

Lips are the most sensitive and soft part of your face. So they need a proper care to keep them healthy and attractive. You can’t concentrate on any work if you are facing dry lips problem. Red color on your lips can make you gorgeous, but redness with sore on your lips is very embarrassing. You can easily get rid of this problem by following the previous tips. You should keep little patience and try these remedies for some days. You feel the difference with your lips. You will be definitely benefited for a general chapped lips problem with these remedies. For a chronic dry lip problem you can visit a doctor and identify the internal problem if any. So what are you waiting for? Go and start treatment for your dry lips. Be the most stunning with your attractive lips and make everyone fall in love with your lips.

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