Chapped Lips Natural Treatment Is Best for Getting Beautiful Lips

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Chapped lips natural treatment is best for men and women who have dry lips because dry lips make them uneasy and uncomfortable although they have beautiful face. Sometimes, your lips become so chapped that you cannot bear it. Even, blood comes out from dry lips when the lips are vulnerably cracked. So, you are ready to spend lot of money to take care of your cracked lips.

Chapped Lips Natural Treatment

Blood also comes out from cracked lips

But, you do not need to spend lot of money because we will describe best chapped lips natural treatment that removes your chapped skin from cracked lips. You can follow two methods such as- products or natural treatment for chapped lips. But, homemade or natural remedies are best for dry lips.

Avoid some things during chapped lips natural treatment

It is not always possible to avoid the essential things. But, you should be conscious most to save your lips from the elements that can make your lips really dry and harsh.

Avoid licking lips

Lips licking leave saliva on your lips. Saliva is one kind of enzyme that digests our foods in stomach. So, when you leave saliva on lips, this tries to digest your lips skin. As lips skin is the most sensitive of all skins, enzyme or saliva can harm lips rapidly.

Avoid cold weather

Cold weather or winter makes our lips more chapped or cracked. When you go outside in cold, you should use lips balm or other lips cream that can protect lips from being dry. You can also wrap a good scarf around your face to prevent air to your face or you can put a wide-brimmed hat to protect sun burning.

Avoid mouth breathing

The air we take or remit through our mouth is generally drier or warmer. It leads our lips to dry. So, try to avoid taking breath through mouth.

Do some things during chapped lips natural treatment

When your lips become cracked or chapped, you should use some homemade remedies or treatments because natural remedies or treatments are best for chapped lips. You should use the following chapped lips natural treatment methods.

Drink lot of water

Lips become cracked or chapped for lack of water. In winter or cold, we generally drink less water. Besides, air brings less water in this season. So, we face dry lips more in this time. You should drink at least eight or ten glasses of water a day. In winter you should take more water than other time. Water is the main chapped lips natural treatment to keep them soft and smooth.

Take proper vitamins

You can face dry skin or lips for lack of some vitamins. Such as- vitamin B complex, vitamin B3 and vitamin B2 are very helpful to retain skin’s health and softness. These vitamins protect skin from being dry.

Eat fresh and green vegetables and fruits

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits because these contain lot of water and vitamins. All kind of vitamins are available in vegetables and fruits. So, when you eat lot of vegetables and fruits, you can maintain multivitamins in your body and can protect your skin’s health with lips.

Eat coconut or use coconut oil

Many think that coconut oil contains fatty acids that can lead to heavy weight or diabetes decontrols. But, recently a study proved that coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids that are not harmful to health. This type of fatty acids is very helpful to retain skin tone healthy. These fatty acids do not do any harm in case of diabetes. Our skin can easily absorb coconut oil. Besides, coconut oil contains emollient. Emollient is a softening agent and an especial kind of moisturizer. So, you can use coconut oil as chapped lips natural treatment.

Cucumber juice

Women have been using cucumber as a beauty care natural product from centuries to centuries. Cucumber slice is very effective to remove dark tones around the eyes or lips. Besides, the juice of cucumber contains lot of water. Leave small cucumber slices on lips for ten to fifteen minutes. Then rub your lips with soft cotton ball with slight honey and dry skin gets removed.


Mango is very sweet fruit in Indian sub-continent countries. Mango contains lot of sticky juice or water. It says that mango increases the beauty of skin. As mango has a lot of sticky juice, you can rub mango juice or oil onto lips with a small cotton ball daily at night. You can also leave mango slice on lips for ten to fifteen minutes and do the same as cucumber. Thus, mango works as chapped lips natural treatment.

Use Aloe Vera jell

Chapped Lips Natural Treatment

Chapped Lips Natural Treatment

Aloe Vera is one of the best homemade remedies and chapped lips natural treatment methods. Centuries to centuries women have been using Aloe Vera for various beauty purposes. Aloe Vera contains lot of sticky jell that are very effective to make the skin soft and smooth. You can rub raw Aloe Vera on your lips every day for ten to fifteen minutes. There is also many artificial Aloe Vera balms or creams for lips in market. You can also use these products containing Aloe Vera.


There is no doubt that honey is a great chapped lips natural treatment. You can leave honey on your lips for ten to fifteen minutes at night before sleeping. Or you can massage your lips with honey and leave some honey on lips throughout the night. Honey makes the lips very soft and smooth.

Medical treatment instead of chapped lips natural treatment

When natural treatments or outside products cannot do well for your lips, only then you should speak with your dermatologist. He can give you the best way of medical treatments for getting rid of chapped lips.

Now, enjoy your beautiful lips without dry or chapped tones. Get ensured again, lips are the most sensitive part of the body. So, you should use chapped lips natural treatment because it has no side effects.

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