Chapped Lips Causes That You Should Know

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Chapped lips causes are many. But, what is chapped lip? Chapped lips are commonly used to make understand the severe dry lips. Cold weather, excessive sun exposure and lips licking are some common chapped lips causes. When someone faces dry lips, she feels uncomfortable and looks not beautiful though she has a beautiful face. So, to approach a beautiful face, a pair of beautiful lips also need. That’s why, let’s know chapped lips causes and take steps how to treat dry lips.

Chapped lips Causes

Dry and chapped lips make your face ugly

Chapped lips Causes

There are many reasons of dry lips. But, here we will describe the very common reasons of cracked lips.

Lips have no oil glands

The main purpose of oil gland is to maintain the supply of oil in skin. Oil keeps the skin soft and smooth. But, lips have no oil glands. So, lips are more vulnerable to dry and chap.

No moisturizer

Moisturizers are very helpful to keep the lips smooth and supple. Someone has no habit of using moisturizers on lips. So, they face dry lips.

No humidity

In winter, the air has no humidity. But, humidity is essential to hydrate in the skin. So, woman faces dry skin and chapped lips.

Sun exposure

If any woman has a habit of staying outside in the sun for a long time, she may face dry skin and lips because, frequent sun exposure absorbs water from skin.

Lips care products

Some lipsticks containing Propyl Gallate cause allergy on lips. Allergy leads your lips to dry or crack. Lips care products containing Phenyl Salicylate (salol) also cause chapped lips.

Tooth paste

Sometimes the toothpaste may cause your lips chapped if it contains Guaiazulene and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These elements of toothpaste are causing skin irritation, chapped lips and dermatitis.


Various allergies on skin or lips can cause chronic dry or chapped lips. Such as- some tooth paste bears allergy, metallic items like paper clips in mouth or lips ring, citrus fruits may bear allergy, sun sensitive allergy, figs cause allergy on lips, vitamin B12 supplement containing cobalt may cause allergy on lips especially by the wind and sun exposure that create swelling and crusting on lips, red dyes used in toothpaste, candy, mouthwash may cause allergy on lips.

Some medications

Blood pressure medicines are also chapped lips reasons. Blood pressure medications contain Propranolol that is harmful for dry lips. Prochlorperazine is a reason of dry lips and vertigo. Yeast infection like Perleche is a reason of dry and cracked lips as diabetes do. Autoimmune diseases are one of the important chapped lips causes. Thyroid or Psoriasis is also a reason for dry lips. Those who have Down’s syndrome may face dry and chapped lips. Sjogren’s syndrome is also a cause of chapped lips and dry skin. Thyroid disease known as Hypothyroidism may cause dry lips and skin.

Lips licking or chewing

Some men and women touch their lips with the tongue to wet the lips when they feel dryness on lips. They think touching lips with tongue make the lips soft, smooth and wet. But, it is not correct. Rather licking lips accelerates the dryness on lips. Touching lips with tongue leave saliva on lips. Saliva makes the lips more dry and cracked.

Lack of water

Lack of water is one of the remarkable chapped lips causes. If you don’t drink lot of water, your lips become dry and cracked. Water maintains hydration in skin and lips.

Mouth breathing

Chapped Lips Causes

Mouth breathing causes chapped lips

Those who have habit of snore and sleep apnea; they take and remit breath through mouth especially at night. Mouth breathing dry air harms our lips very much in winter and leads the lips to dryness.

Winter or cold season

Usually we face dry lips in winter when the environment brings less water. This less-water-cold wind is casing dryness on lips. Besides, a long staying in A.C can cause the dryness on lips.

Vitamin A

If you take excessive vitamin A, you may face cracked lips. Taking more than 25000 IU of vitamin A per day must cause cracked lips.

Dry lips Symptoms

How you understand your lips become chapped or dry. When you see the following symptoms on lips skin, you can be sure your lips are becoming dry and chapped.

  • Dryness on lips
  • Flaking of lips skin
  • Scales of lips skin
  • Sores on lips
  • Swelling of lips
  • Cracks of lips skin
  • Bleeding from lips

Who has more possibility of dry lips?

  • The persons of all ages and genders who have dry skin may face cracked or chapped lips.
  • Those who take some medications like vitamin A, Retinoids (Retin-A, Differin), Lithium (commonly used   to treat manic depression), chemotherapy drugs etc.
  • The persons who suffer from dehydration and malnutrition can face dry or cracked or chapped lips.

So, it is high time to treat your chapped lips if your think you are facing chapped lips.

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Chapped lips causes are many. We know very few causes of cracked lips. So, we are listing here all dry lips causes so that you can treat your chapped lips.

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