11 Lip Problems or Symptoms

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Lip problems or symptoms

Lip problems or symptoms- Dryness on lips loses beauty from face.

Lip is one of the main parts of the appearance. A beautiful pair of lips can express you beautifully. On the other hand, if there are many lip problems or symptoms, the total look of the appearance will be shabby. So, you have to know exactly what lip problems are and how to solve them. Lip problems are also known as lip symptoms. 

11 lip problems or symptoms- these are most common lip symptoms

#01: Fever blisters and cold sores

Fever blisters and cold sores mean infections caused by Herpes Simplex I virus. Cold sores pain and irritate on lips. After appearing once, they appear frequently with a short or long gap on the same spots. Generally you see them around the lips especially in the left and right sides. You may feel a heat sensation, irritation, tingling and itching before seeing blisters. The fluid-filled sores may break sometimes in the first several days. Then you can see a healing within 4 to 10 days. Cold sores are contagious infections. Touching on them may cause infections on other places around the lips. This virus can attack also others. Generally cold sores or fever blisters are caused after cold or fever. Sun exposure, trauma, examination stress, and emotional discomfort, the start of menstruation or intestinal upset can also cause cold sores. 

  • How to treat- Itching, tingling and a heat sensation are prior signs of fever blisters. As soon as you see these symptoms, you should massage the spots with medical lip care products.
  • How to prevent- Reduce stress, and avoid sun exposure and cold wind. Take proper relax, diet and exercise.

#02: Dryness and chapping

Lips skin is the most sensitive and thinnest of all skins of the organs. Moreover lips have no melanin. The natural pigment in the skin protects lips from various harmful effects. As lip skin is extremely thin, it loses moisturizer very quickly. Lack of moisture leads lips to dryness and cracking. You can also notice burning, infections and inflammation. Besides, your lips are not protected with cloth or any other thing except lips cosmetics in women. So, lips are more affected by rough weather like sun, dry and cold. Again lips are not protected by inside of the house for AC or other humidity systems. Winter season also cause dry, cracking and chapped lips. Breathing of lips, irritation on lips, low cosmetics and cigarette can also cause painful dry lips. Some medications like acne drugs to chemotherapy are also liable for painful cracked and dry lips. 

  • How to treat- If your lips are vulnerably cracked or dry, you should consult with your dermatologist. You can also use some lip products for dry lips.
  • How to prevent- The above things that cause dry and chapped lips, you should avoid them.

#03: Sun damage

Because of being the ultra thin, lip skin burns easily from sun. Licking also damages lips like sun exposure. Continuous sun exposure or damage may cause collagen. Collagen is one kind of protein that protects lips and face skin from wrinkles and fine lines. Still sun exposure can create actinic cheilitis which is a precondition of skin cancer. Actinic cheilitis lips are also called farmer’s lips and sailor’s lips. The lips of young people are burn more by sun. Cold sores are also caused by sun exposure. UVB rays are always still whether it is dry or cold season. A little bit effects of UVB rays are reduced in cold weather but cloudy weather cannot protect you from sun damage. The sun exposure is more in the reflection of water and sand. It is also same in the snow.

  • How to treat- You should always use lip care products with sunscreen when you go to outside in the heavy sun. SPF lip care products are best for treating lips from sun exposure. But don’t use PABA sun screen.
  • How to prevent- Don’t go outside in the heavy sun. Cover your lips with sunscreen.

#04: Aging 

Aging signs are common in all human beings when they are growing older. Aging symptoms start from the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are seen in the different places of the body. Anyone can see easily the fine lines or wrinkles in her appearance first as the other parts of the body are almost covered with clothes. It is a natural way of aging. Yet, some other things like extremely sun exposure, side effects of medications and other illness may trigger aging soon. Any age-old persons can notice aging signs like fine lines or wrinkles around his eyes or lips. 

  • How to treat- Many opt for taking surgical ways to remove aging signs. There are many good products that can also remove aging signs from lips. Researchers have found out many products by using advance technology to recover aging signs from lips and appearance.
  • How to prevent- Natural aging symptoms are not preventable. But, the above things that can cause wrinkles and fine lines; you can prevent aging by avoiding them.

#05: Peeling, scaly, or crusted lips 

Peeling, scaly and crusted lips are also known as lip eczema. Lips skin is very thin and it hardly contains sebaceous glands. So, lips skin becomes dry fast and extremely dryness causes peeling, scales and crusts on lips. Children or adults have bad habit of licking lips. Licking lips also cause peeling, scales and crusts. 

  • How to treat- There are many good products in the market that can be used to treat peeling, scaly or crusted lips.
  • How to prevent- Avoid the things that cause peeling lips.

#06: Swollen lips

Swollen lips are the poor condition of health. Swollen lips may be caused by food allergy. It can be brought by Crohn’s disease. 

  • How to treat- Consult with your dermatologist. He can give you good suggestion.
  • How to prevent- Avoid the above things that cause swollen lips.

#07: Red aura around the lips

It is created for eating huge amount of allergy foods or soda mixed foods. It is also caused by toothpaste which contains benzoic acid. 

#08: Burning lips

Burning lips come from high mental pressure. Psychological imbalance causes burning lips.

#09: Pale lips

Pale lips are caused by heart disease and lung problems. Anemia and lack of iron in the body are also liable for causing pale lips.

#10: Cheilitis

Cheilitis means continuous inflammation on lips especially one or both sides. As a result of cheilitis, lips may face scaling, cracking, and swelling. Cheilitis actinica is damaged by sun burn. Lack of vitamins is also liable for it. Angular cheilitis come from ill-fitting dental apparatus.

#11: Cosmetic dermatitis

Cosmetic dermatitis is caused by cosmetics applications. It comes with red swollen and itchy lips. The cosmetics containing skin irritating elements cause cosmetic dermatitis. It also comes with cosmetic allergies. At night not removing lips makeup also cause it.

  • How o treat- In severe cosmetics dermatitis, consult with your dermatologist.
  • How to prevent- The cosmetics that create problems, just avoid them. And use good quality lip products.

Already you have known most common lip problems or symptoms. Don’t worries take steps against the lip problems or symptoms and everything will be OK. Don’t forget to consult with your dermatologist. 

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