Treatment of Heart Disease

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Heart disease or cardiovascular disease does not only define a specific disease of heart. It is like a tree, all the branches of the trees are different kinds of disease affecting your heart. Treatment of heart disease is very important once you have been diagnosed with heart diseases. For example, disease of blood vessels, heart infections, arrhythmias (heart rhythm problems), coronary artery disease, etc. your blood vessels can be narrowed or you can get infections of heart muscles. Some typical symptoms of heart disease may involve: chest pain, shortness of breath, numbness, weakness. Sometimes the disease does not get diagnosed until you get some serious complications like heart attack, angina, heart failure or stroke. If you are suspecting any kind of heart disease symptoms you should not ignore it and consult with a cardiovascular specialist.

How treatment of heart disease begins?

 The treatment of heart disease can begin with lifestyle change along with medications. Your disease condition can be improved or even prevented by lifestyle change. Here is some life style change you need to follow:

  • Weight: Keep a reasonable weight. An over weighted body or obese body is the factory of all kinds of disease. There is not only risk of  heart disease, but also you can get diabetes, hormonal imbalances, calcium problems in body joints.
  • Food Habit: Make a healthy food list where everything is balanced with green vegetables, lot of fruits, low fat milk, whole grains and less animal fats, less sodium and cholesterol. Healthy food habits will also help you to manage your weight. Eating different type of fish is beneficial and low in fat.  Sea fish is a great sources of iodine.
  • Physical activity: Keep moving. Get yourself involved with daily exercise, walking, cycling and swimming. 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity are enough to maintain a good health. Exercise will keep you stress free, will help you to manage your weight. You diabetes will be controlled, if you have diabetes. If you have heart disease your doctor will give you some restrictions about doing some physical exercise. Consult with your doctor before starting heavy exercise.  If he gives you green signal you can start immediately.
  • Smoking and Drinking: Quit smoking. No need any further explanation, we all know the bad effect of smoking to your heart. Carbon monoxide produced by smoking will reduce the oxygen in your blood and can damage the lining of the blood vessels. Nicotine forces your heart to work harder by constricting blood vessels. Alcohol intake should be minimized. You should completely leave smoking and  drinking habit, if you are a heart disease patient. Even soft drinks are suggested to avoid.
  • Diabetes:  If you are diabetes patients. It’s really a good idea to keep your diabetes under control.
  • Manage stress: You should minimize your stress level as much as possible.  Try some scientific methods, yoga, deep breathing and muscle relaxation.
  • Hygienic Habit: Above all you need to have a healthy and hygienic living. To minimize the risk of heart infections, stay away from the sick people, who are affected. Wash your hand regularly before eating. Brush your teeth twice a day, will keep you away from all kinds of bacteria attack in the mouth. Which  can worsen your cardiovascular disease condition.
  • Control your cholesterol: Cholesterol test is necessary for every adult above 20 years old and need a follow up test after every five years.
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