Prevention of Heart Disease

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Heart disease also known as cardiovascular disease (CVD) refers any abnormalities of the heart, blood vein and arteries. Heart disease is mainly the effect of high blood pressure. The high pressure of blood makes the heart weaker and creates a diseased condition. High blood pressure also has an adverse effect on arteries and vain. Heart disease describes a wide range of disease related to heart such as coronary artery disease, rhythmic problems of heart, heart infection, atherosclerosis in the arteries, etc. It is the leading cause of death in almost all countries of the world. So it is important for everyone to know the Prevention of Heart Disease.

Types of heart disease

Following are the different types of heart disease usually occur:

  1. Coronary artery disease: arteries of heart blocked, some parts of the heart affected. Chest pain occurs.
  2. Heart failure: heart becomes so weak that it cannot work anymore.
  3. Cardiomyopathy: any disorder of heart muscle.Prevention of heart disease
  4. Stroke: blood supply in the brain blocks for few times and brain does not get blood as needed. Patients may paralyze.
  5. Abnormal rhythm of the heart: heart beat rates varies time to time.
  6. Rheumatoid heart disease: streptococcal infection, damage the valves of heart.
  7. Congenital heart disease: child born with abnormal heart function.
  8. Peripheral heart disease: when blood supply disturbs to the periphery of the body like hands, legs.
  9. Hypertensive heart disease: heart suffers for a high pressure of the blood. That is hypertension.

Prevention of Heart Disease

The prevention of heart disease is same for both male and female. Prevention of Heart disease can be done by different ways. Following are some major outlines:

  1. Live a stress free life: You should not take an overload of work. Being too much obsessed with anything. This is a major step of prevention of heart disease.
  2. Diabetes management: If you are a diabetic patient. You must control your sugar level. Excess sugar in the blood can damage your heart. A complete diabetes management package is offered by different specialist, try to follow them.
  3. Diet: you should choose a healthy diet that contains low fat and high fiber. Green vegetables have high fiber that lower your blood cholesterol level. Cholesterol is the first enemy of heart disease. Cholesterol deposits in coronary arteries, blocks the arteries and other blood vessels.
  4. Weight management: You need to manage a reasonable weight. Measure your BMI. If your BMI is greater than 27. You are at higher risk of not only heart disease, also disease like diabetes, hormonal imbalances, fertility problems, joint pain and many other serious complications.
  5. Physical exercise: exercise at least 30 minutes in a day. You may go for a walk for 45 minutes. In our busy life, it is hard to manage a time for exercise, but if you are conscious about your health. Avoid car or bus riding for short distances. Wear comfortable Shoes and walk. Bicycle riding is also a good exercise.
  6. Smoking: Smoking is a silent killer! Avoid smoking because fume damage your heart, arteries and lungs. Damaged heart becomes weaker and cannot pump enough blood, as your body required.
  7. Alcohol: Limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol elevates blood pressure. It is one of the main causes of heart disease.
  8. Self-consciousness: Hypertensive patient and diabetes patients are more prone to have heart disease. Consult with your doctor regularly. You will need follow up in this cases.
  9. Supplements: Natural supplements for heart disease.  Bitter tasted vegetables (e.g. bitter gourd) are good supplements of heart disease. Also you can take lemon water. Drink lemon water every morning before breakfast. Medication like Aspirin has a preventive action against heart disease.

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