Study: Less Vigor Productivity in Men is Responsible for Serious Health Issues

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Man having less sperm is highly exposed to serious medical problems complication revealed by a recent studies. Health experts claimed that a man with low sperm will suffer from various  diseases such as skin diseases, circulatory system or may be causing problems with hormones. A good productivity of sperm in a male body is too good for the body to keep them healthier.Less semen high health risk

Dr Michael Eisenberg, the Professor and director of male reproductive medicine at Stanford University published his research in a journal named “Fertility and Sterility”. He published that, they focus over some population and found the male are healthier, who has a good production of semen and the less healthy male has a low production of semen.

Eisenberg believes that it is a good idea to check reproductive problems to check up the whole physical issues. He showed statistics that many of the couples have fertility problem and the percentage is 15, and half of the percentage causes for lack of semen production of male. He thought we should be concentrating more on male than female to solve their fertility issues.

The Professor decided to take a survey at Stanford University. He took samples from 1994 to 2011. He took 9000 male over those years of the survey. He scored from the sample from their medical condition. The score was taken from the ability of semen production of the sample of vigor. He found the males, who are suffering from skin disease, circulatory system and hormone problems have a deficiency in semen production.

The team of Eisenberg and his research says that there were some male who had some other causes of sterility, and the number is 44 percent. They send them to the Stanford clinic to overview their full body. Eisenberg said that the male should take a total check up of their body to find that if there is any other factor of sterility. The research team sent them to observe them, treated them well. After some days they got a good output, and the male came back to their position. By finding out the factor of their sterility, solve them totally. As a result the male could be able to solve their sterility and improve their condition.

Dr Joseph Alukal, who is the director of male reproductive health at NYU Langone Medical health center in New York showed another study. In his study he said that one of the six males who came to the health center for fertility problem have some other issue than semens issue.

He added that he found men are more interested to physically check up than female. As a result, there we found a more issues in male than female. He added that there is no reason to depression, and suggest to continue the health checkup.

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