ERA Mission: UN Assigned Experts to Fight Ebola Virus

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ERA mission fight EbolaOn 15th January this year, a squad of global experts has just started an as a part of the United Nations (UN). They will fight against Ebola as a partner with the governments of the Ebola virus affected countries.

The expert team of the ERA consists of the members of the World Bank, the African Development bank and the European Union. The team said that, their current work is going on in the Accra, capital of Ghana and they  expect to complete their task this weekend after a one day break in Guinea tomorrow.

The targeted region of the mission is the extremely hit countries  such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, they want to work as a part of the government team. Also, the team wants to evaluate the condition of the dangerously affected areas, which will organize economic and social recovery in the post-Ebola period.

David McLachlan-Karr, the Coordinator of the UN Resident Office in Sierra Leone released a press note that, the ERA is found in national possession. In today’s statement, David McLachlan-Karr said that, “Readjustment of some aspects of  the UN and development partner programs will be needed to ensure that efforts to hold Ebola are not interrupted, while at the same time, preparing the foundation for future revival programming”.

The aim of the UN Country squad to work on improving the findings of the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), an anchoring growth exertion plan, to make sure that all country strategies are in line with underneath the Government eradicate Ebola and recover the country back on the right path to progress.

On January 14th, the members of the UN expert team met with Sierra Leone’s Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Dr. Kaifala Marah, who underscored the necessity to incorporate all stakeholders in the ERA process to circumvent replication of assessments and resource enlistment efforts.

In addition, Dr. Kaifala Marah focused to the necessity to build up a revitalization program, which is merely specific to the present context of Sierra Leone. Key interferences are required in health and education sectors, since is holds up the private sector and debt aid.

According to the organizer of the inter-agency mission, Stan Nkwain, who is also the deputy director of the Bureau for Policy and Program support of the UN Development Program (UNDP), stated that the ERA program focused generally on four areas that are health, water and sanitation, infrastructure and basic services, socioeconomic recovery and peace building, this focused areas are closely associated with the government’s agenda for opulence. “ Since EVD [Ebola Virus Disease] is raging the region, and particularly in Sierra Leone, the ERA should go hand in hand with the EVD response, and especially enhance rather than distract from the response effort,” Mr. Stan Nkwain also added.

The ERA mission is an outcome of consultations and negotiations between the UN and the Governments of the Mano River Union following in the last December 2014.

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