Ebola: WHO Censure Governments, Actions Are Inadequate

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Ebola disease

The Ebola epidemic became a demon for the people of West African countries due to the evident insouciance of world regimes, claims. The condition is getting more severe day by day and extra precaution is needed to deal with this epidemic is the future, WHO added. In a recent press release from them stated that, more influence and active involvement are needed from the world leaders to fight the Ebola monster in the future.

Also, WHO has taken most of the blame on themselves for their slow response and failing to take necessary actions to stop Ebola epidemic in time.  Till the date the deadly virus has taken 8,371 lives worldwide and a total of 21,000 cases are reported in the West African countries Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Initially, the UN agency wanted to release a full report of the Ebola crisis, when the outbreak came under control and completely resolved, although they have failed to keep the pledge.

The documents from different countries submitted to the 34 nations, who are members on the executive board of WHO.  The UN agency censured the world governments, who are responsible for endorsing  International Health Regulations that covers public health areas by taking necessary steps, for example, decrease the epidemic by closing national borders and limit the access of people from Ebola effected counties.

UN bureau also reported that some of the affected countries have insufficient disease fighting components in some serious affected areas such as monitoring and evaluation that is able to provide basic preparation, supervision and ability to alert people about .

In another particular report, the agency recommended that the present system of organization must be altered. The agency should have some additional power which is required to take effective steps in the future to reduce the risk of emergency in the future, if this kind of epidemic happens again.

Among the West African countries,  three countries Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone suffered much because of this Ebola disease. The demolition was so severe that their economies are about to collapse.

Our comments section is open. Share your thoughts and experience to fight the deadly Ebola disease.

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