Ebola Crisis: US Ebola Treatment Centers in Africa Failed

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Finally, we may recall that the United States acknowledged the Ebola outbreak in the West African countries by building treatment and support centers in the regions where the virus spreads all over the communities. According to published reports worldwide, now US soldiers are guarding the nearly completed treatment centers, but the centers are continue to stand empty.

published that, the worst of the Ebola epidemic appeared to have passed before the US troopers even completed their first treatment and support center. A Liberian government representative reported to the post that the US governments have done too much delay to respond to the issue.

Moses Massaquoi, the official said that, “If they had been built when we needed them, they wouldn’t have been too much”. Probably he has said, if the treatment center were build in time, too many lives can be saved.

The US president Barack Obama sent 3,000 soldiers to West Africa as part of a $750 million Ebola virus fighting plan. Although, the Post news published, the reply from the US and the global community has far outran what was required. For instance, the Post mentioned that, one of the treatment centers where only 46 patients were admitted since its opening in Nov 18, 2014. In Monrovia, the capital of Liberia’s, there are 7 US built Ebola treatment centers. The Post reported, three of those will provisionally suspend their actions, while the rest four will close completely.

The almost empty centers are giving us a positive sign that the worst of the epidemic may have over. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that the epidemic has taken away over 8,400 lives, most of them in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. However, in the week ending January 11 this year, WHO reported, Guinea reported its lowest weekly total of new Ebola cases from mid-August 2014. Also, Liberia had its lowest total of Ebola cases from the first week of June, 2014 and no complain of new cases for the final 2 days of last week.

U.N.’s Ebola chief, Dr. David Nabarro, warned last Thursday that regardless of the gains “there are still numbers of new cases that are alarming and there are hotspots that are emerging in new places that make me believe there is still quite a lot of the disease that we’re not seeing.”

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