Headache Above The Eyes

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Headache is not an uncommon term to us, it is one of the most common ailment around the world. We all have experienced the headache till some extent, in any stage of life. The headache itself is not a disease, it is like an umbrella, which can represent the symptoms of different diseases. However, all types of headache don’t represent illness, for instance, you may feel temporary headache due to stress or anxiety. This pain can be segmented according to the anatomical areas, for instance, ache in the back of the head represents occipital headache and the ache in the front region refers to frontal lobe headache. Here, headache above the eyes are the second kind. You may experience frontal headache or headache above eyes due to several causes, the most common and frequent cause of frontal lobe headache is sinusitis. You can even experience headache behind the eyes.

According to the American Headache Society (AHS) alleged that about 78% of Americans suffer from tension headaches, 12% experience migraines and one percent complains about cluster headaches. When you feel headache above the eyes or behind or within eye, is an indication of a cluster headache.

Common causes of headache above the eyes

You may feel headache above both of your eyes or sometimes around the left or right eye, several disease conditions have several effects. If your pain is around the left eye consider the following facts:

  • Cluster headache: It is also known as an ice-pick headache and a rare vascular-type headaches and divergent from usual tension or migraine headaches. Patients complain about extreme pain and sharp. The headache is likely to occur several times a day, which can continue for weeks up to months and then vanish for a similar period of time. Most of the patients also complain recur occurrence of the pain, it can be felt by both male and female. You may also feel congestion, sweating, runny nose and a droopy eyelid on the same side of your pain. The National Institutes of Health claim that, the cluster headache is more common during adolescence and middle age. The exact cause of cluster headache is still unknown. However, researchers from the Mayoclinic suspect it might be associated with abnormal histamine, hypothalamus dysfunction and serotonin regulation. Some factors that can trigger cluster headache: Smoking, alcohol, heat, bright light, exertion, certain foods, also some medications can trigger the pain.
  • Sinus infection headaches: Similar to cluster headache, sinus infections can cause headache above both of your eyes. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, sinus headaches can be distinguished by pressure such as pain in a specific area of the face or behind the eyes, pain made worse with instant head movements like bending forward. Also the intensity of pain worse in the morning because of collecting and draining mucus. Patients also experience postnasal drip with sore throat, yellow or green discharge from the nose and malaise with mild to moderate fever.
  • Glaucoma: The National Eye Institute claimed that, glaucoma can be defined as the build up pressure within the eyes, which can damage the optic nerve and destroy peripheral vision, create eye pain and eventually direct towards blindness. The greatest risk of developing glaucoma was found on the African American ethnic group with an age range over 40 years. It can cause pressure and pain in your both eyes.
  • Infections and Tumors: Although infections, tumors and abscesses of the brain or eye socket are uncommon, yet all can generate ache in and around your eyes. The brain tissue doesn’t cause ache directly, besides abscesses, infections, encephalitis and cancerous processes can cause severe pain by destroying nerves, blood vessels and other related tissues in or near the eyes.
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