7 Daily Care Routine for African American Hair

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Common complaints from most of the women, “I am facing hair fall”, “My hair is becoming rough day by day”, “How can I take care of my hair naturally?” Your hair care routine can be pretty simple, except you’re an African American woman. Although it is black, but the hair texture of African American woman varies from the hair texture of Asian women. African hair is unique in appearance and structure. This type of hair is also fragile and easily vulnerable to damage. Fortunately, things can be easily taken care of. Lots of beauty experts working on African-American women hair and their hair loss problems. Just follow our simple tips and get healthy, shiny and beautiful hair. These tips are all natural and can be followed from today.African American Hair care

What dermatologists say about African American hair?

According to the , you should follow the following tips for daily care of your black hair:

  1. Hair washing: Use mild sulfate free shampoo for washing your hair, do it once or twice a week. It actually depends on how frequent you go out. Washing your hair also prevents the buildup of different hair care products, which leads to drying of your hair.
  2. Don’t forget the conditioner: Use conditioner each time after shampooing your hair. Make sure, the ends of your hair get coated with conditioners. The ends of your hair are the oldest and most fragile part of your hair.
  3. Hot oil treatment: Use hot oil treatment twice a month. It will add extra moisture and softness to your hair. Don’t overdo it. Otherwise, your body will be used to it and will not respond as expected. Use normal coconut, avocado oil massage regularly before shampooing.
  4. Heat protector products: Although, we suggest not using any heat or blow dryer. However, stylish people won’t listen to us. So, before using heat products use heat protector. It will wet your hair and minimize hair break.
  5. Press hair carefully: If you would like to thermally straighten your hair, a ceramic comb or iron can be useful to press your hair. You should not do it more than once a week. Use your straightening device with lowest possible heat, so that you get your desired style with lowest possible hair damage. If a higher temperature is necessary for more style, ask an expert.
  6. Precaution with relaxers: If you want relaxed hair or permanently straight hair, always go to an experienced hair stylist to ensure the treatment is applied safely. Then the touch up should be done every two to three months and only to newly grown hair. Also, never apply relaxer to already relaxed portion of your hair.
  7. Be careful of too tight ponytails, cornrows or weaves: It can surely damage your hair or you see hair breakage. If you feel pain or get hurt anyway during any hair style session, ask your hair stylish to stop and redo it. Pain is just an indication of damage.

The above methods are simple lifestyle changes, you should follow them. Sometimes things may not remain in control, you may face rapid hair fall. If you see this kind of problem or see any change in the hair color or texture. Consult with a dermatologist, he may suggest medical treatment. The earlier you diagnosed with hair fall, the more possible to get treated properly. If you like the ideas, keep sharing. What’s your hair care story?

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