10 Confusing Hair Fall Myths!

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Recently you may observe that a huge number of hair products have been launched, which indicates the growing demand for hair treatments. The most worried thing is the hair fall to adults that increases with their ages. Advertisements and freak news makes us confuse about hair fall and its treatments. We are trying to discuss some myths, should be believed or not.

Hair fall is a natural procedure common to both, male and female. You may lose about 50/60 hairs per day and it will not affect the hair volume, but more than 100 hair fall in a day may affect badly. Women are more conscious to maintain a healthy volume of hair as it is a part of their beauty. It has been estimated by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery that about 50 percent of American women suffer excess hair loss. Hair loss has many patterns and baldness is more common in men. Both men and women experience serious hair loss due to hormonal imbalances, nutrition deficiencies and rapid hair loss.myths about hair fall

Common myths about hair loss

I hope you all are familiar with the following hair lass myths:

  1. Over sun exposure may causes hair loss –True

Sunlight is not directly related to hair fall. Sun provides UV rays that may damage your skin and sometimes causes cancer, but it cannot affect your scalp or hair root. However, it damages the hair, makes rough and weaken hair fibers that causes the dullness and breakage of hair. Damage hair often pulls out from the scalp.

  1. Over shampooing may cause hair loss –False

Many people believe that excess use of shampoo or daily shampoo may increase your hair fall rate. This is not true, because shampoo is a cleaning agent that removes dead cells and dirty. However, you have to rinse off the shampoo properly with water, if it remains after bath, may cause harm to your hair. It is very important to choose the right shampoo according to your hair type.

  1. Hair braiding improves hair loss –True

If you have long hair you can make the braid before sleep and it will improve your hair loss. Long hair may damage when collide with the pillow in the time of sleeping. A tight braid may protect your hair.

  1. Hair loss relates to age – True

It is a fact that balding of hair increases with the age. Hair loss usually does not occur in young age. However, a different type of hair loss may common in children and young people, which may cause whole baldness and this type is called alopecia areata.

  1. Plucking of one gray hair directs growing of two gray hairs –False

Pulling out of gray hair does not affect growing more gray hair. Develop gray hair is a natural procedure and if you pull a gray hair, a new one will come out from the same root.

  1. The higher amount of testosterone hormone will increase hair fall –False

Higher testosterone does not create baldness to male and female. However, it performs a key role. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a derivative of testosterone and DHT reasons hair follicle damages. So production of more DHT causes more hair loss. Male who are taking oral testosterone are prone to more hair fall.

  1. Birth control pills act against hair loss –True

Androgen, male hormones make the hair follicle finer and prevent hair loss. Birth control pills are act like androgen hormones in females. Some doctors suggest these pills against hair fall. However, you should be conscious about taking birth control pills, because they have many side effects and induce unwanted hair growth on the faces.

  1. Baldness is permanent –False

Some of us think that fallen hair does not grow again, but it is not true. You can recover your hair by proper treatment and diet. Some men have dead hair follicle and in that case hair not grow again. However, hair loss due to pregnancy, nutrition deficiency or other disease may recover by improving health condition.

  1. Hair falls for using hats –False

Covering of head does not link to hair fall, rather it will protect your head from sun exposure. Therefore, hats are not harmful for hair loss.

  1. Highlighting or coloring of hair may cause hair loss –True

Hair coloring agents contain hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which causes hair damage and breakage. Your hair becomes weakened and hair volume will decrease. Coloring agents should not be contaminated with the scalp.

If you want to improve your hair growth, you have to improve your diet. Crush died for weight loss badly effects hair fall. Eating the proper food, such as green vegetables and fruits, salmon fish that contain vitamin E and other nutrients will promote your hair strengths and growth. To nourish hair you can also oil.

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