Home Remedies for Acid Reflux in Infants

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Home remedies are the best treatment in the sense, it doesn’t have any side effect and it can be easily done by changing some diet or lifestyle.  If your baby is diagnosed with acid reflux then doctors will advice to try some lifestyle change and dietary change along with the medications.

What are the home remedies for acid reflux in infants?

Consider the following tips as home remedies for acid reflux in infants:


  • Keep proper positioning: It is very important especially when feeding your baby. Wrong position especially while feeding a common cause of acid reflux. Keep your baby upright while feeding. Sit with your baby on your lap with his/her head nestled against your chest and keep in a sitting position around 30 minutes after feeding, if possible. In sitting position gravity helps to stay the food in stomach. Be careful, don’t jostle or jiggle right after eating.
  • Smaller frequent feeding: feed your baby sightlessly than usual. Give him food twice as often and half as much. Sorter the nursing time if you are breast feeding and if you are feeding with a bottle it is easy to keep the limit. Giving little amount will be easy to digest for him and there is less chance to spit up.


If you are breast feeding, continue it as long as possible. Breast feeding has many advantages over the artificial milk, it digest faster.

  • Giving Burp: Burp slowly take time, frequent burp before and after feeding is very helpful to minimize reflux acid. It can keep air from building up in your baby’s stomach. To burp set your baby upright balance his head with your hand. Avoid putting him on your shoulder it will put pressure on his abdomen.
  • Sleeping Position: keep your baby in his back while sleeping. But baby with reflux suffer from painful night waking. If your baby is sleeping well doesn’t need to change his position. If not elevate the head to the head to the crib about 30 degrees. It is certainly safest to sleep on back, but if his kid is not used to it. Encourage him to sleep on this position or encourage him to sleep on his left side. This position also keeps the food down.

This are the most easy and well known home remedies for acid reflux in infants. Home remedy is precaution of happening bigger trouble. Home remedies can work along with the medications. If the condition of your baby is severe doctors may began more careful treatment of acid reflux along with home remedies.

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