The Uses and Benefits of Shea Butter for Acne

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Most of the people face acne at a certain age and thereafter of their life. We get confused, what should be used and what should not be used in an acne condition? To treat acne I’ve studied a lot and surprisingly found that Shea butter would be a better solution. According to , the largest community of acne resources, Shea butter is one of the top most acne treatments. Like others, I had a wrong belief that oily substance should not be used in acne, but when I learn about Shea Butter it remarkably helped me to remove the inflammation and scars of acne. Like other oils, Shea butter does not block the skin pores, but give moisture. That’s why it is very effective against acne.Shea butter for acne

What is Shea Butter?

is the product of the Shea fruit seed (brown color) of the Karite tree, also known as Shea tree. Shea tree is a West African plant. In Africa, Shea butter is used in the chocolate industry. Outer pulps are removed from Shea fruits, let the seeds dry and then Shea nuts are separated from the outer shell. Finally the nuts are crushed and roasted to extract the butter from Shea. Shea butter is a hard Triglyceride (TG) derivatives having creamy or golden yellow color. Now it is a beautifying agent worldwide.

How Shea butter works on acne?

The secret of Shea butter is that it has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In most cases of acne bacteria affects the skin, make wounds and clog the skin pores. Waste materials deposit under the skin and inflammation occurs. Shea butter protects the skin from all of these consequences. Shea butter has vitamin A and E. Both of the vitamins help to maintain a spotless, healthier and younger skin.

First of all, the skin pores remain free from clogs. Shea butter absorbed by the skin rapidly and give moister. Moisturizer eradicates the skin marks created by acne. Secondly, the antibacterial quality of the Shea butter inhibits bacterial growth on the affected area. And finally the anti-inflammatory quality will protect the skin from any kind of inflammation and irritation. All of these benefits are related to acne treatments. Beside these, Shea butter also protects against sun exposure and UV rays. Sun exposure is one of the main enemy of acne where UV rays damage the skin cells. Shea butter is now a main ingredient of sunscreens.

How to use Shea butter for acne treatment?

Dermatologists often suggest using raw Shea butter in acne treatment. Raw butter is more beneficiary for skin. It has no additional color and fragrance, hard in natural temperature. You can buy raw butter from the market, it will melt at body temperature. Apply the raw Shea butter to face and affected skin. For maximum effect, keep it on acne for 8 hours. That’s why it is better to use before sleep. You can also apply pure crushed Shea. Use Shea butter to treat acne according to following steps:

  1. Wash your skin before sleep by pH 5.5 cleanser, as it is suitable for acne skin.
  2. Use cloth to remove water from face, make it totally dry.
  3. Take raw Shea butter or crushed Shea.
  4. Apply it on the face with your fingers gently, it will melt.
  5. Go to sleep and be sure that the Shea butter not removed from the applied area.
  6. Next morning clean the face with the same cleanser.

You may also apply Shea butter containing cream or lotion in the day time. For more effective result, use sunblock having Shea butter when you go out.

There are many other . Some of them are:

  • Help to remove wrinkles as it restores skin elasticity.
  • Good moisturizer for body and face
  • Remove skin rashes.
  • Remove black spots and sunburn.
  • Eliminate skin dryness.
  • Eczema recovery
  • Brighten and even skin tone.
  • Ingredient of shaving cream to reduce irritation.
  • Reduce stretch marks of pregnancy.
  • Smoothing the skin.
  • Improve hair growth of scalp.

If you acne condition is still not improved, try other organic remedies for acne treatment. To get the best results from herbal treatment you may need to wait several months, so keep patience.

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