Soap for Acne: How Effective They Are?

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Acne surely lessens your beauty. When it comes to the acne treatment option, most of us have tried all possible dimensions of healing. Whatever you do, your ultimate target is to fight acne. You do not want, acne will make your skin rough or leave you with black marks. Before starting any acne treatment, the basic thing is, you need to be clean. Lots of people use soap or facial wash as facial cleaner.  Even using mild soap can heal your acne till some extent, without using other medicines. Different cosmetics brand lounged soap for acne, which can fight against acne and blemishes, gives you fair complexion. However, most of the acne patients are not aware of using soap or other cleanser for acne. Our objective of this article to give them a vast idea about cleansers and soap for acne, so that there is no confusion before purchasing them.

If you’re already concerned about being clean, but using harsh products such as Benzoyl Peroxide to reduce existing acne, you should opt for a more gentle soap like mild cleansing bar, which will clean your pores without making your skin dry. Dry skin often stimulates over production of oil on the face, clearly increase your acne. According to the , tea tree oil has the best abilities to treat a number of skin diseases, so it may aid battle acne too. However, researchers are still examining tea tree oil before recommending it as a medicinal treatment.

How to choose soap for acne?

There are lots of brands out there in the market, which one to choose? Even experts can get confused. Are you tight in budget? No matter, you can choose soap with low cost. Lots of people think that the expensive one is the best one.  That’s completely wrong perception. Before choosing a perfect brand, first you need to look at, does it suit your skin? Another misconception about soap, the soap which makes most suds is the best soap. The truth is exactly the opposite, foamy leathers or big bubble soap typically damage your sensitive skin, especially when your skin is dry and acne affected. Instead, you should choose creamy leather and small bubbles, it is the best cleanser. It’s tough for you to scrub your acne away, let the cleanser do the work for you. Also keep your own towels and don’t share it with other family members. A clean towel also helps you maintain clean skin. However, not only the soap, a complete skin care package would be a lucrative investment.

The main disadvantage of big bubble soap is that they have relatively high tension along their intense. It forces the soap into the top layers of your skin and it can make the acne condition worse. If soap gets into your pores, it may deliquesce oily sebum and it may get stuck if your pores are too narrow. When you use bubbly soaps, it narrows your skin pores by drying out or tightening the skin around them. Besides, a good acne wash makes a creamy lather of very small bubbles. These small bubbles do not force soap into your pores, which makes your acnes easy to clean and rinse off. So, you need to be careful about choosing soap for acne condition, because many soaps have the components that can irritate your skin. If you can whiff soap, then don’t choose it. Only which soap contains neem or tea tree oil is the exception, otherwise it will irritate your skin or dry it out.

Detect wrong acne soap

After washing your face there should be no lingering fee, which is an after effects from the soap. You may not also feel:

  • If you feel tightness in the skin just 5-10 minutes after washing your face, when the face dries. Excessive evaporation of water from your skin is the main cause of tightness
  • Your skin may become gray or feel scaliness when skin dries. Presence of alcohols, acetone or sudsing agent in soap has this effect.
  • You may also feel irritated or redness when skin dries, a typical sign of broken the skin barrier.
  • Fragrances, herbal essences and floral ingredients can cause break out in hives after you apply a soap on your skin.

Also the presence of alkaline in a soap, more likely to irritate your skin and develop redness or rashes. The longer you use a soap or leave it on your skin the more you likely to get irritated. You need a balanced pH (acidity) soap, most dermatologists recommend a pH balance 4-6.5. It kills the acne bacterias, although some acne bacteria on the skin is even lucrative for your skin, they consume excess oil without damaging skin pores. Sometimes you face become rough by using acne removal lotion such as Retin-A or Accutane, by using a right soap can make acne, rosacea or any others skin damage conditions better.

The effect of scrubbing own acne

You can make your acne condition worse, if you use soap, wrap a cloth around the soap and use it to scrub away your pimples. Typically, by doing this you will spread skin oils, acne bacteria, grime, soap film and grease to the area where the acne is not affected and over the acne as well, which will make your acne condition even worse. In fact, when anyone suggests this old method of cleansing acne, you should clear their misconception and inspire them to leave this method.

You should take a tiny amount of soap with the touch of your 3-4 figures and gently rub the affected area to clean acne. When you use your clean fingertips to clean acne, it doesn’t put acne bacteria on your affected areas, simply make a lather of soap. Continue rubbing for 20-30 seconds and finally rinse off the soap with warm water. Then use a clean towel to wipe the water.

Dermatologists recommended soap for acne

We have researched over the internet and collected reviews of our audiences via social networks. The following soaps and cleansers are proven effective for acne:

  1. Neutrogena facial cleansers: According to the largest medical community online the Mayo Clinic, Neutrogena’s facial cleansers such as deep clean, invigorating daily cleanser and deep clean sport facial cleanser can be best acne cleanser. If anyone has pores with acne, he should use over the counter medications which contains salicylic acid for acne. Neutrogena’s oil-free acne wash redness soothing gentle scrub has the active ingredients salicylic acid, so it is recommended by the Mayo clinic experts. The experts also recommend that Neutrogena help to heal the dryness symptoms of skin, there are different products of Neutrogena available in the market to cure different skin problems, so patient should check the indication before using any specific Neutrogena products. For instance, if you use a product containing alpha-hydroxy acid, it may help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, though not effective for sensitive skin. Neutrogena products are little expensive compared to other brands available in the market.
  2. Dove Beauty Bars: and the Mayo Clinic suggested Dove for those, who have dry, eczema and sensitive skin. They recommend, dove has fats and oil components to provide required moisture to your skin. Dove also manufactures various products including beauty bars, face wash, shampoo etc. For an acne or sensitive skin person dove have two particular beauty bars, Dove pink and Dove gentle exfoliating. Dove sensitive skin unscented contains no added fragrances to irritate your skin and you can also check for Dove face washes, they are very mild. You will find dove products in grocery stores and drugstores all over the country. You can also choose Dove cool moisture facial cleansing cloths, if you have very driest and flaking skin. However, it is not recommended for dry skin.
  3. Clinique liquid facial soap: This is also a renowned cleanser with mild formula, which works for most skin types, only very dry or very oily skin types are excluded. If you don’t like fragrances, you can use it, no added fragrance and rinses off well. Clinique is the most expensive brand, however many women who have used Clinique products at least once, will not use any other brand.
  4. Clean & Clear daily pore cleanser: It is basically a face wash, feels like gel and has lighter lather. It’s cleansing component like micro-beads gently scrub your skin and remove the dead skin cells. The beads break down in contact with water so it doesn’t cause tiny cuts on your skin. It is recommended for people with oily to very oily skin. Although, it contains the irritating components witch hazel and fragrance, but the amount is very few and usually cause no problems for most people with oily skin.
  5. CeraVe hydrating cleanser: A very effective product available at such a reasonable price, without compromising the quality. It has components like ceramides oils that make your skin a good barrier. This cleanser is recommended for normal and dry skin, it keeps the natural oils balance in your skin. Oily or very oily skin should not use this product. No complaints about skin irritation were found from its users, so it’s an excellent choice for anyone with sensitive skin to treat both acne and rosacea.
  6. Clean & Clear foaming facial cleanser: It is a very mild facial cleanser and absolutely recommended for sensitive skin. Anyone can use this cleanser except very dry skin type. It is one of the least expensive of the cleansers on this list. It has very mild fragrance and usually no side effect.
  7. Eucerin redness relief soothing cleanser: It is also an effective cleanser for sensitive skin. It doesn’t contain soap or any other irritating components that can worsen your acne and redness. It has ingredient like licorice root extract that act anti-inflammatory, although it won’t be able to reduce your existing redness over the short term. This product is recommended for someone who isn’t sure if he has acne or rosacea.
  8. African black soap acne prone face and body bar: This is a popular African soap which has the properties of cleanse, hydrate and calm disease affected skin. The soap is made with natural and organic ingredients such as, African Shea Butter, Aloe, Oats, vitamin E, essential oil brand, palm ash, rosemary extract, Iron oxides and plantain extract. Oats aids soothe irritated skin by absorbing excess oil, Aloe is a great moisturizer and calms dry sensitive skin. Also, the vitamin-E is a powerful antioxidant highly effective in protecting skin from free radical damage.
  9. Olay Foaming Face wash: Olay was at first the brand of aged people for anti aging treatment and then they introduced many different products for everyone. Olay face wash is also a highly effective product for sensitive skin with acne.
  10. Body shop aloe calming facial cleanser: It is also a good choice for sensitive skin within a reasonable price.
  11. Boots expert cleansing and toning wipes: If you have very dry or sensitive skin, you can choose this cleanser.
  12. Jan marini bioglycolic bioclean cleanser: It is also recommended for dry skin, a good option for exfoliating your dry skin, available at department stores and low cost.

Acne soaps available in India recommended by dermatologist

Most of the soaps or cleansers above are available in India, but some Indian products are effective too, with low cost.

  1. Azac Acne Soap: A cost effective and easily available soap. It contains Azelaic acid and wheat germ oil. Also have the component called Keratolysis, which helps cleaning the follicles of acne causing bacteria. It also reduces excess oiliness and keeps the natural oil balance of your skin without making it dry. It prevents acne scars formation and lightens your skin complexion. Highly recommended by experts as it helps you treat acne very quickly.
  2. Dermadew acne soap: It looks exactly like dove soap with a faint medicine smell. After using this soap, your skin will not dry out and keep your face oil free for next 2-3 hours. It starts reducing the acne within 2 days of use. This soap is highly suggested by dermatologists for acne and the result will be visible within two days of using this soap. Some ingredients of this soap are Salicylic acid, Oleo base surfactant, Zinc PCA, Aloe vera, Tea Tree Oil, Olive oil, Glycerine manuka and Willow extract. We would definitely recommend this soap for acne treatment.
  3. Lacne Soap: If you have moderate level acne, then the soap is recommended for you. Some active ingredients of the soap are Tea tree oil, Ethyl lactate, Salicylic acid, Aloe vera and vitamin E. The soap is not available everywhere, some selected shops and drug store sell it or you need to order online.
  4. Vaadi anti acne soap: This soap contains Tea tree oil, Turmeric, Clove Oil and Citrus extract. The active ingredients like Tea tree oil has anti bacterial properties, which can be a great treatment for skin infections, clove oils also kill acne causing bacteria and fungus. Turmeric is used to brighten the skin color from the ancient time in India. A highly dermatologist recommended soap for acne and to reduce pigmentation. This is considered as an herbal soap.
  5. Seba med soap: This product also heals acne, but it makes your skin too much dry that you need to use a moisturizer after washing your face with this soap. Many patient have experience the same problem, unless his skin is too much oily.

What could be the worst soap for acne? It varies from person to person. Sometimes a mild soap can make your acne condition worsen, so it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist. However, you should not use combination of these acne soaps or frequently change your acne soap. Avoid using soap near the eyes and over application is always discouraged, as it can cause dryness and rashes on your skin. Also, there are lots of organic treatment options available for acne try them. Also one of the home treatment for acne and acne scar is to use dermaroller.

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