Natural and Medical remedies to Remove Dark Spots on Face

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Are you hiding your dark spots on the face with a heavy makeup? Then, it’s a very foolish idea and you are on a wrong track. First of all, you need to know the causes of the dark spots on the face? Why you’re developing dark spots on your skin? What could be the remedies of them? Dark spots on your face can be easily eliminated from your face. You may lighten your face naturally or may use various chemical products to eliminate the spots.  Follow the process given below to remove dark spot on the face.

remove dark spot on face

Causes of Dark spots on face

Some usual causes that may develop dark spots on your face:

  • Presence of excess melanin in a certain place causes various spots on the face and make your face darker. (Melanin is the factor that colors your face)
  • Imbalance of hormone in the body is also responsible for dark spots
  • Too much expose in Sun highly causes dark spots.
  • Insect bites also cause spotting on the face. Some insects carry poison in their mouth, and our faces are infected by the poison if they bite us.
  • Spots due to age are widespread.
  • Lacking of sleep and drinking less water is also responsible to have such spots on face.
  • Some spots are visible during pregnancy or certain medication.
  • Dark spots on the face due to acne are widespread.

Lighten dark spots on face

You can remove your dark spots by life style change or try different types of natural remedies. Let’s have a look, which can easily aid your skin:

Clothes and other accessories

remove dark spots on faceStay away from the sun. Sunlight is directly responsible to make you dark skinny. It is seen that the person lived their life in less sunlight are more shiny than those who passed most often time in sunlight. So, it is very important to stay away from the sunlight to lighten your face. You may also follow the following steps.

  • Long handed clothes are very useful to cover your body and protect you from the sunlight.
  • A rounded hat and umbrella may also protect you from sunlight.
  • You may also use polarized sun-glasses that reflects the ray of the sun.

Natural treatment to remove dark spots on face

Some natural remedies you can follow just trying at home. Not cost too much, neither waste your time.

remove dark spots on face

Orange and lemon

Natural treatments are more effective to lighten dark spots on face. Moreover, it has no reaction on the face.

  • Alpha hydroxy treatment is a way to lighten dark spots naturally.
  • Make an apple-lemon juice and mix orange juice with them.
  • Rinse them over the face and take time about fifteen minutes.

Lemon and orange are acidic. Acid is too much bleach, bleaching elements make anything lighten. This practice will help you to hide the dark spots on face and lighten your face. You should stay away from the sun after such medication otherwise your face becomes darker. It will progress your face bit by bit not overnight. You may use bleaching creams available in the market if you want an early result.


Honey is also very effective to remove the dark spots on face. You may use honey separately or mixing with lemon. Honey mixing with lemon is better than using it separately.

  • Take honey with a teaspoon in a cup and mix some lemon juice with it.
  • Blend them carefully and rinse them over the face about 20 minutes or more.
  • Wash the face with water after the previous step had done successfully.


remove dark spots on face

Water works as a natural facial cleanser. Water doesn’t help you directly, but indirectly it helps you a lot. Drinking much water helps you to decrease the acne on your face. It’s a very common thing to have acne on your face at teenage, but the boring thing is the spot on face causes for acne. Drinking too much water really a good remedy for acne. Regular washing face with water is also helpful to omit the dark spots on face.

Potato or banana

remove dark spots on face

Potato and banana are also very popular to erase the dark spots on face. Just follow the steps and get a good result.

  • Cut potato or banana in a small pieces and rub them over the face carefully. Make sure that your face is washed before rubbing.
  • Take the pieced potato or banana on the top of the finger and rub them over the face by rounding.
  • Keep rubbing about fifteen minutes or more. Wash your face with fresh water after finishing the rub.

Creams and other cosmetics

Natural treatment sometimes takes too much time, but very helpful.  You can also use creams to diminish the spots on your face

  • The face-lightening cream may also be helpful to lighten your face.
  • Hydroquinone products are very familiar to lighten your face in Asia and Africa. It is also used to remove the age spot in U.S.
  • Some face-lightening cream and lotion are also available in the market to lighten your face and anti-aging medication.

remove dark spots on face

Laser treatment

Laser treatment for acne is the top and too much effective treatment to remove dark spots. Although it’s too effective, but no consumable for all as it costs a lot. It is very painful too. Moreover, it will give you a good result. You should take four or five times if you want a bright result.

Nowadays we all are living in a smart generation. Dark spots on face is really too much embarrassing and bad looking. Smartness is the vital thing to manage yourself with the others. The natural treatment is too much effective to remove the dark face without any side effecting. You should consult with a dermatologist if you see something serious or if it takes too much time. You can also take laser treatment if you are able to bear its cost. You may take any treatment that’s natural or anything else, but also keep in mind the side effect of the treatment. You may comment if you have any suggestion to remove dark spot on faces.

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