14 Best Tips for Optimal Face Care

Face is the first expression to the others no matter what is your age. Your joy, your fatigue, stress and sorrow everything is reflect in your face. To make your look as youthful as possible, proper face care and regular cleansing is necessary. It is also the most crucial part of your body to show your beauty and personality to others. There are thousand of face cleansing, anti ageing, fade and moisturizers are available in the market. which one to choose for best face care? Is there any natural process to take care of your face skin naturally. The most common cause for reducing your face beauty is dryness of the face skin. It is important to know the dry face causes and take immediate actions.


14 Super tips for best face care

Here, we have described 14 super tips for best face care:

01. Make a routine- You must make a routine when and how you take care of your face. You can take your face care in the morning or night. These two times are best. If you make a routine at night, your face gets the whole night to be flourished with the products or remedies. Suppose- you want to take a face mask of honey, you can do it at night because honey can work in skin for the whole night when you take rest.

Face care

02. Keep the ingredients or products and tools ready- Think what items you need to take care of your face and keep them close to you. Suppose- you want to make your lips gorgeous with rose petals and milk, keep the ingredients close to you so that you can use them in time. Buy the products from shops and stock at house. Bring the facial products while going to gym, driving, shopping etc. so that you can use them as you feel.

03. Find out face type- Finding out the type of face skin is the first step for taking care of face because face type leads you to choose the ingredients best for you. The usual face types are oily, dry, sensitive and normal. Someone belongs to combination type of face skin. It is a little bit difficult to take care of combined face skin. If your face is dry, you should try some home face moisturizer at first.

04. Choose best products for your face type- Choosing or buying cosmetics depends on the type of your face skin. Put importance on buying the expensive or branded products for face care because these are generally high quality. You can discuss with your dermatologist to choose your cosmetics according to your skin type. You can also search on net for best products of your face. It takes time to find out the best cosmetics according to your skin type.

05. Wash your face- It is best to wash your face with warm water and soft or gentle cleanser in twice a day.

06. Use soft towel- After washing your face, you must use a soft and hygienic towel to dry your face. You can also use soft and clean tissue after washing face.

07. Scrub or mask- Sometimes our face experience acne or blackheads or dead cells that are removed or reduced through mask or scrub. Apply scrub or mask on face once or twice a week. OTC products containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid are effective for blackheads or acne problems. In case of experiencing cystic acne, it is better not to use any scrub or mask without the suggestion of your dermatologist.

08. Don’t use more products on face- If you use excessive cosmetics, it may harms your skin for the long term. You should not also use cosmetics as per your mind or willing. For an example- you have experienced blackheads on the chin, you don’t use benzoyl peroxide on there without the prescription of your dermatologist. It may burn or sting on the chin.

09. In various skin scares- If you have rash skin, you may have experienced allergy. So, don’t use anything without testing allergy. In case of rough patchesor flaky skin, you have to use non-comedogenic moisturizer. In acne skin, close to the regular face care tips. If you have shiny or oily skin, don’t wash your face frequently because it makes the skin oilier. Rather bolt your face with a hygienic soft tissue when you feel oily face.

10. Cleanse your face with soap or liquid cleansers- Choose liquid cleansers that contain ceramides, and lipids to make and retain skin moisturized. In case of bar soap, you must use the soaps that contain glycerin and plant oils.

11. Creams for anti-aging- Use creams that contain retinol found in the skin as vitamin A. Retinol or retinoids reduce the wrinkles or fine lines. Peptides and sirtuin containing creams even the uneven texture and improve the elasticity of skin. Besides, there are many anti-oxidants creams that remove wrinkles. Niacinamide containing creams diminish sallowness, signs of sun damage and fine lines or wrinkles. You can also use soya extract, berry extract and coenzyme Q10 for anti-aging.

12. Moisturizer for face care- You should use the moisturizers that contain humectants and emollients because they make the skin moisturized without greasy tone. Humectants keep the skin moisturized and emollients make the skin soft and smooth. The combination of them reduces fine lines.

13. Sun protection for best skin- UV rays is the main reason for aging. Many dermatologists suggest taking the moisturizer or creams that are made with broad-spectrum protection at least SPF 30 because they can save the face skin from UV rays. Besides, try to protect your face from sun in other ways like wearing hat, scarf, long sleeved dress etc.

14. Care for skin lightening- If you are looking for skin lightening creams, you can use those creams that contain hydroquinone up to 2% because it is very effective for removing dark tones from the skin.

Some additional tips for gorgeous face skin

  • Eat lot of fruits and vegetables. Berries are anti-aging. So, they fight against wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day because it hydrates the skin.
  • Reduce the sugar and salt as much as you can because they created bags or dark circles or puffiness and blotchiness around eyes.
  • Take regular exercise. During exercise sweat helps to cleanse pores. When you wash your face after taking exercise, you enjoy a vigorous face.
  • In men products especially shaving products should be chosen carefully.
  • Sound sleeping is essential for a glowing and shining face. Sleep 7 to 9 hours daily.
  • Remove makeup from skin at night.

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