How to Get Rid of Dry Flaky Skin on Face

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Our face is more sensitive than any other parts of the body. Our face has more possibility to be affected by any changes such as weather, makeup etc. In winter, cold weather is most vulnerable to our skin especially to face. Most of the men and women affect by dry skin in this time. Sometimes dry skin is so acute that our skin becomes flaky, scaly or peeling. Dry flaky skin on face irritates and loses the beauty on face. Even women cannot make up for peeling complexion on face. In a word, scaly or flaky skin is much painful for them. But, dry flaky skin on face may be minimized if you become conscious and take proper remedies.

Dry Flaky Skin on Face

Flaky or scaly or peeling skin on face irritates us lot.

Causes for dry flaky skin on face

A number of causes are liable for dry peeling skin on face in winter for women. Some common causes are cold weather, sun burn, dehydration, medications etc. You should know the harmful causes of dry flaky skin on face.

Treatment for dry flaky skin on face

Treatments for scaly complex on skin come into 3 ways such as- preventive measures, homemade remedies and finally medications or medical treatment. Here, we will put importance on preventive measures and homemade or natural remedies.

Preventive measures against dry flaky skin

It says that prevention is better than cure. So, take preventive measures or steps before happening dry peeling skin on face. Once you have been affected by dry scaling skin, it is not easy to remove flaky skin from face. But, don’t worry because we will give you some most effective homemade remedies for dry flaky skin on face that will help you to minimize your scaly skin.

Prevent sun burn

The ultraviolet rays of the sun damage cells in skin. Then the damaged cells start to peel gradually. To prevent sun burn, you have to wear sunscreen when you go out in the sun. Sunscreen is not enough to save your face from sun. You should also apply moisturizer with at least SPF 30 that can block 97 % of ultraviolet rays from sun. You should wear scarf around your face in cold weather.

Rehydrate your skin

Dehydration is vulnerable to peeling or flaking skin. So, to rehydrate is a good preventive remedy or treatment for becoming free from scaly or peeling skin. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to rehydrate you well.

Moisturize your skin

Many men and women do not moisturize their skin properly. So, they get affected by dry flaky skin on face. Women should moisturize their skin twice daily. See some best moisturizer for dry skin in winter. You can also read homemade moisturizer for dry skin.

Take bath carefully

The cleansers that contain alkaline pH may dry or damage your skin. You should use non-soap cleanser during having shower. You must take short bath within 10 minutes with luke-warm water. After stepping out of shower, gently pat yourself dry. Then apply a good moisturizing face lotion within 5 minutes. Read some best face lotion for dry skin.

Use humidifier

You should use humidifier at your home or office to keep the humidity in a right way. Dry ambient air contributes to dry skin and increasing the humidity may help your face.

Stop licking

Lip is the most important part of appearance. When lips become flaky or peeling, our entire appearance looks unpleasant and ugly. Licking leads our lips to vulnerably dry. Vulnerable dryness causes peeling or scaling on lips. This is called capped lip. Read how to treat chapped lips.

Don’t use low quality makeup

Low quality makeup can create scaling or peeling on face. Try to use best products for dry face skin. It will be better if you use the products that have good reputation from practically using customers and they have cured by those products.

Anyway, already you have known how to prevent flaking, scaling or peeling skin on face in winter. Now you will get some home remedies to treat your dry flay skin on face. Homemade remedies are always best because they treat dry skin perfectly and permanently without any side effects.

Homemade remedies for dry flaky skin on face

From centuries to centuries, women have been using various good homemade remedies or treatments for their beauty. Cleopatra used to have bath with milk because she believed that milk is good to enhance skin beauty.

  • Milk: Milk is a great way of reducing sun burn. Take some chilled whole milk in a clean small bowl. Put a few of ice cubes in the milk. Wet a clean wash cloth into the milk and massage your face skin with it for 10 minutes. Milk proteins soothe sun burn or dryness from skin and lactic acid in milk is anti-inflammatory.
  • Avocados: Avocado contains vitamin A, D and E that moisturize skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles from face skin. It has also a great natural emollient to soothe skin from sun burn or dryness. Mash some avocados and apply on dry flaky skin on face and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash it off and enjoy peeling-free face.
  • Honey: Honey is not only beneficial for inside-health but also beneficial for outside-health. Honey has magical power to enhance the outer beauty of body. It keeps skin soft and smooth. It also nourishes and removes darkness or black spots from face. It offers skin proteins necessary for blooming. Honey moisturizes face in a great amount for longer lasting. Take some pure honey. Gently massage this honey on face with finger and leave the layer of honey on face for 20 minutes. Now, relax switching on the light. Remember, do it every night before sleeping. To get more moisturized skin on face, you can leave honey on face over night and enjoy a honey-moisturized face at morning.
  • Aloe Vera: There is no doubt about the healing properties of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera contains a sticky-juice in its tube that is great for skin soothing. Very few homemade remedies for dry flaky skin on face can give as moisturize as Aloe Vera. Exit out some sticky-juice of its tube and message it on face at morning. Leave the messaged layer of Aloe Vera on face for 30 minutes until dry up. Then rinse off your face and pat dry. Now enjoy a great smooth appearance all over the day.

There are many other homemade remedies for dry flaky skin on face.

Medications or medical treatments

If the homemade remedies for dry flaky skin on face fail, you may use an over-the-counter hydrocortisone 1% cream that may lessen inflammation. You can also take aspirin by mouth. It also cools your skin down from the sun burn or dryness.

Even if the flaking or scaling or peeling on skin continues, it may be caused by infection, allergenic reaction, or any other illness.

So, go to your dermatologist and follow his prescription to become free from dry flaky skin on face.

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Dry flaky skin on face is very odd looking for entire appearance. Take some preventive measures and homemade remedies to treat scaly or peeling face skin.

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