Bio-Oil: One of The Best Product for Acne Scars

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More than 70 percent Americans have suffered acne breakouts at any stage of their lifespan. After the breakout of acne, it lefts scars on the skin. Sometimes the scars are not removed naturally, patients have to take synthetic or natural remedies to erase acne  from the skin. A variety of medical treatments have been developed, which are good to improve the acne conditions. Bio oil is one of the most effective treatments for acne scars. Patients who have used bio oil every night for a few months, reported it as a very effective solution to treat acne marks.Bio Oil for Acne Scars

What is bio oil?

is the product of skin care, which is made up of natural plant extracts with vitamin A and vitamin E. The plants are rosemary, lavender, calendula and chamomile. These plant extracts are collected and refined as a topically applied form. The plans have some scars removing quality and the extracted oil (Bio oil) has designed in such a way that several scars can be removed easily. Bio oil not only applicable for acne, it also removes stretch marks, dark spots, skin pigments. It can make the skin tone even. Bio oils are found in many anti-ageing cream as it has anti-ageing property. Bio oil itself can heal the pregnancy marks and other stretch marks due to rapid weight changes. However, the most important uses of bio oil is to improve the acne scars. Acne scars look ugly, make people unhappy. The breakout of acne often develops “ice peak” as a result of collagen deposition under the skin. When the peak like pimples are destroyed, it causes serious damage to the skin, skin experiences inflammation and deep holes. These damages last for longer time, even cause a permanent scar. Researchers found that the Bio oil for acne scars serves at this condition and they suggest acne patients for trying it. Bio oil will prevent the inflammation and irritation that develop in an acne condition.

How dose bio oil treats acne scars?

PurCellin oil is the main ingredient of Bio oil. PurCellin oil makes it more absorbable to the skin. The aim of bio oil is to reduce the presence of scars by giving hydration in the inflamed area. It works mainly by eliminating or preventing acne scars, rather than cure it. Other mineral oils are too heavy to rapid absorption by the skin, but Bio oil is lighter that can be easily captured by the skin. Beside this Bio oil is a milder oil, not clog the skin pore and prevent acne from its adverse effect. The main function of Bio oil is to give moisture to the skin. In acne condition, the skin becomes less hydrated, which is the main reason of skin damage. As a result, it helps in skin healing, makes the skin stretch free. The important ingredients of Bio oil are, vitamin A &E. Vitamin A makes the skin fair and healthy where vitamin E gives defense against acne infection. Also there are many different treatment options for acne scars.

Methods to use Bio oil for acne scars

If you want to use bio oil for acne scars, you can use cotton or cloths. Take some oil on cotton, apply it to affected areas. Give few times to be absorbed in the skin. To get more effective result, massage Bio oil on the skin for two times per day. You should massage it for at least five minutes, so it can penetrate the outer dermis of the skin. Use it till a couple of months to prevent the acne totally. Bio oil should be used at the very early time of acne, if you delay to use, it will take more time to remove acne scars. It should be kept in your mind that always clean your face with a cleanser or face wash before using Bio oil. If you use it in an unhygienic condition, it cannot work properly.

Precautions of using Bio oil

You should keep the following precautions in mind before using this oil:

  • It is very important to remind that Bio oil must not be applied to ruptured skin. If your skin is exposed by acne, wait for a few days for healing, then you can apply it.
  • When you use Bio oil for acne scars you have to avoid the sensitive area of your skin, like eyes. If Bio oil contacts with eye, rinse it with fresh water.
  • Avoid contact with blood.
  • Before buying Bio oil, check the label of manufacturing and expiring date. Expired Bio oil may harm to you.

Possible Side effects of Bio Oil

A very few clients have been reported that this topical oil occurs redness and irritation of their skin. The producers of Bio oil claims, these occurrences are very rare. These may happen to very sensitive skin type or raptured skin. In general, Bio oil has no side effects or the effects are so minor that you can ignore it.

Other uses of Bio Oil

Following usefulness of bio oil made its application vast:

  • Recover stretch marks of pregnancy or other stretch marks for rapid fat.
  • Remove uneven skin tone.
  • Remove skin wrinkles.
  • Fade black marks.
  • Keep skin from drying
  • Reduce hyper-pigmentation.

Some organic treatment for acne scars are proven effective. Before trying any synthetic products you should try natural cure methods.

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