Best Supplements for Acne You Must Try

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Acne is a common skin problem and can develop at any age. Although teenagers are mostly affected when their body faces hormonal imbalance. People having oily skin produce more oil, skin pores get blocked and allow pimples to grow. According to the NIH (National institute of health) more than 17 million people are affected by acne.

Pimples may occur in many different types, it may cyst, nodule, blackhead or whitehead. There are many topical medications as well as supplements for acne. Acne treatment depends on the severity of it. Some people need both oral supplements and topical medicines. However, some acne removes by only taking supplements. It should be kept in your mind that supplements can reduce your acne and acne spots, but cannot eradicate acne totally.We are informing you some research-based supplements for acne treatment.supplements for acne

Supplements for acne care

  1. Vitamin A: Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is considered as an antioxidant and excellent cell-communicating ingredient. Vitamin A found in many forms, like retinol and retinal. You can get vitamin A by taking cod liver oil, animal liver, carrot, egg, green vegetables, etc.You can also take vitamin A capsule, if your physician suggests it to treat acne. In acne treatment topical medication of vitamin A is more effective than oral one. Vitamin A limit bacterial growth and unblock the skin pores, finally patients get relief from acne. Our body can store vitamin A and overdose of vitamin A can lead to some problems, with vertigo, headache, skin rashes and so on. It is better to use a topical medicine than oral vitamin A. Pregnant women should avoid retinoid (active form of vitamin A). If you use it for a long time, you have to use sunscreen to avoid sun exposure.
  2. Zinc: Zinc is essential trace element need in very small amount of human health. Zinc supplement with specific antibiotic to help treat acne. Zinc is a mineral that can reduce oil production in the face and give protection against bacterial infection. Researchers have found that a small amount of zinc as ointment or oral dose can help to get rid of acne. Doctors suggest to use lotion of zinc acetate twice daily in acne treatment. Like vitamin A, excess zinc intake also has some adverse effect, it leads to copper deficiency. You must not take zinc supplement for acne until consult with a doctor. Otherwise, it reaches to toxic levels and may cause undesirable health condition.
  3. Vitamin B3 : Vitamin B3 is also known as niacin or nicotinic, one of the essential nutrients of human body. It helps the body in energy production. Vitamin B3 works as acne therapy as it maintain hormone balance. Nicotinamide is a vitamin B3 derivative that has an effective anti-aging and anti-acne property as a potent cell-communicating ingredient. It also removes the red marks of acne when used as a topical medication. National Institute of Health recommends that orally taken vitamin B3 is less potent in acne treatment as it is water soluble and excrete quickly from the body. You can get vitamin B3 naturally by taking green vegetables, egg, milk, fish, meat and grains.
  4. Omega-3 fatty acid: Acne occurs by bacterial infection and inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acid acts against acne by inhibiting inflammation. Inflammatory chemicals are arrested and pimples cannot develop. If you want to have omega-3 fatty acid naturally, take seafood. You can also take omega-3 supplement available in the market.
  5. Selenium: Selenium is a minor element in our body also works as an antioxidant. It has been proven that selenium helps to preserve other antioxidant level. Antioxidants prevent inflammation of acne. In acne patients, body antioxidant level becomes low. The smallest amount of vitamins and selenium can improve acne condition. Salmon, halibut, nuts, grains are the natural source of selenium.
  6. Green Tea: Green tea contains higher level of antioxidant that can reduce infection, inflammation of skin. Taking green tea two times daily is beneficiary to your health and beauty. It can give you a spotless, fresh looking skin as well as reduce acne.
  7. Vitex: Vitex is another supplement for acne treatment, especially for adult women who suffer hormonal imbalance. It is an herbal medicine that keeps a proper balance of hormone production. Men can be also helped by vitex but women gets more benefits.
  8. Probiotics: Some dermatologists proved that probiotics are innovative and more effective supplements for acne. Probiotics are that bacteria which are beneficial to human. They live in the human gut and help to digest food. Food habit has a great effect on acne. Healthy and hygienic food will keep you away from acne and other skin problem. Now probiotics are available in market as supplement form.
  9. Turmeric: Turmeric is a common spice in Indian food. It is well known that turmeric has high anti-inflammatory activity. Indian women often try turmeric pest with milk for fresh, acne free and bright skin.
  10. Vitamin D: Vitamin D is an essential vitamin to maintain hormonal balance. It regulates our endocrine system to produce hormones as needed. Vitamin D deficiency causes endocrine deregulation and acne is mostly a hormonal disease. However, it is surprising that, more than 70% people in America have vitamin D deficiency. If you can maintain a hormonal balance, many of your disease will eradicate, including acne.
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