Best Makeup to Cover Acne You Should Try

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Acne is more annoying than being painful, as it is visible to others. You may bear the pain it causes, but you don’t want them to be visible, especially when big events are coming up, or you need to go to the office everyday and you have customer interaction. Or let’s assume you’re a model, there is no way except hiding your acne. Did you have ever measured, how many percentage of your facial skin is affected by acne? Only 10 -15 percent is enough to spoil your look. Also, you may have dark spots or eye circles. In our articles, we have given you a vast idea about how to fight acne using different organic and synthetic method.Makeup to Cover Acne

Steps of makeup to cover acne

To apply the make up in your acne area follow these below steps:

  1. Clean your face gently and apply moisturizer. You can use dermatologist recommended acne cleanser.
  2. Apply acne medication prescribed by your doctor.
  3. Apply a hydrating primer with no added silicone or any products which contains silicone.
  4. Apply on green concealer to your red acnes and wait a few minuted and then blend the concealer slightly using your finger or with gentle patting motions.
  5. Now use a light foundation all over your face and apply patting motions over the green concealer, to protect the concealer from rubbing off.
  6. Apply your regular skin toned color concealer on the specific areas where you have placed the green concealer and any other areas if needed. Then blend in with gentle patting motions using a clean makeup brush or your fingers.
  7. Apply dust translucent powder lightly all over the face. Similarly, you can use a pink, gray, blue and green colored powder for further removing the redness on your face. Always avoid pressed powder, using it make the face look cakey and make the bumps stand out more.

Some tips you should remember when putting the makeup

Following are some tips we found lucrative to cover your acne with makeup:

  1. Use oil free cosmetics.
  2. Give a five minute interval between each makeup layer so that it can set and dry.
  3. When you put foundation on, take the applicator and gently mop it over your acne and acne scars, by doing it your redness will be more hidden.
  4. Always clean off all your makeup at night before going to the bed. Also, you need to keep your pillow case clean, so wash it frequently and chance twice a week. Otherwise, it will be soiled by dirt and makeup that has not been washed off for a long time.
  5. Stop reusing make up remover pads. Otherwise, more oils will be added to your face.
  6. You need to invest more in oil removing wipes. Some popular brand are Clean & clear, Victoria’s secret and CVS to remove oil from your face without removing the makeup.
  7. Acne products take several months to work out, minimum one to two months are required to notice any significant change. Sometimes, it seems you’re getting more breakouts. If they don’t work, then switch them by consulting with a dermatologist.
  8. If you use gym classes or workout sessions, gently mop a tissue across your face to remove sweat.

Should I use moisturizers?

Using moisturizers often puts your acne back, as most of the moisturizing products available in the market contain oil. So lots of acne people avoid acne completely like the plague. However, your acne skin still needs extra moisturizer. The dermatologist prescribed acne treatment likely to contain drying ingredients such as Benzoyl peroxide that can suck the moisture out of the skin, as a result you feel itching and the skin looks red. Moisturizer is needed to keep the water in your skin and stop unsightly drying and peeling. So, when you have acne choose an oil free and lightweight labeled ‘non-comedogenic’ moisturizer that wouldn’t clog your pores. Using products which contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid, also hold moisture in your skin. You just need to avoid greasy products that contain pimple triggering components like as cold cream, cocoa butter and mineral oil.

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