How to Remove the Dark Circles Lying Beneath Your Eyes

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Plastic surgeons and dermatologists are constantly asked about circles under the eye all the time. Several dermatologists report of hearing complaints many times. I have good news! There are solutions to under eye dark circles, but first we need to find out what the problem is. Scientific research shows that dark circles under your eye makes you look old more than gray hair or wrinkles. Sinus infection, cold and seasonal allergies are an example of things that can result in water accumulation under the eye. Scientific research has proven that we have a thin skin around our eyes and that is the region that is affected by fluid flowing in and out. When you have a salty dinner or happen to cry may be while watching a movie or due to other causes you will have a morning after puffiness. Water will always travel from a region of low salt concentration to a region of high salt concentration and this is osmosis, doctor Goldburt explains. This principle works, whether the salt is from tears or the food eaten.

Remove dark circle under eyes

  • The most used natural remedy is the use of cucumber slices to remove dark circle under eyes. It refreshes the skin around the eyes, giving a fast pick me up for puffy and tired eyes. Place a piece on each eye extending to the dark sides. During this process, you need to ensure that your eyes are closed. This is the most primary eye care treatment.
  • Try irrigating your nasal cavity with a neti pot, this device resembles a teapot. This will aid in eliminating fluid buildup due to allergies, cold or sin congestion.
  • You will have to treat hay fever simply by buying some medications at a nearby chemist or you can consult with your doctor about how to treat it.
  • You will also need to change your sleeping position. Your daily sleep position may be a major contributor to the circles under your eye. When you sleep on your stomach or your side, it will obviously encourage fluid buildup under your eyes. Most patients who wake up with puffy eyes are advised to sleep on their backs and place a pillow under their heads. It’s possible to change your sleeping position, but it takes time for you to adapt. A case study of eye bug sufferer shows, the earlier you start the better for you.
  • Use a potato. Liquidize an uncooked potato placing a fresh potato in a liquidizer. Scoop some and place it on your eyes and give 30 minutes while lying facing up. After that, wash it with warm water.

Do cosmetic solutions work for dark circle beneath the eyes?

Cease using any cosmetic that can irritate your skin, makes you release tears or cause skin rashes. That’s why it’s recommended that you have a skin patch test. Every cosmetics is not harmful. You can use:

  • Apply a cream containing retinol and vitamin-k. Some of the dark circles are caused by lack of vitamin k. Skin screams have these ingredients that reduce discoloration in several people. The cream has lasting effects under long term daily use.

  • You can also use a something that will camouflage the dark circles under your eye. What you have to ensure is that the concealed matches your color. After applying it, add a translucent colorless powder to make it appear more beautiful.

Some causes that you may need to address

Are you familiar with all sort of eye problems in general? Doing all the above without addressing the main cause of the problem can be fruitless. Here are some of the causes that you will need to address:

  • Sleep: You need to have enough sleep. Doctors recommend a minimum of 7 hours. It’s not clear how this result to dark circles under your eye, but lack of sufficient sleep tends to cause the skin under your eye to appear pale. Try to maintain that minimum hours sleep on a daily basis and see if there are some results. Avoid or moderate on the usage of drugs, especially alcohol because they tend to affect your sleep circles.
  • Allergies: It is a major cause of circles under the eye. If it’s the main cause of dark circle, remove the allergen or treat it. Some of the over the counter drugs will also help before you visit a clinician.
  • Diet: it is advised that you take a well balanced diet, sufficient water and vitamin supplement in case you are deficient. Most of the vitamins are gotten by eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, especially spinach.
  • Rests: When you relax you eliminate any sources of anxiety and stress hindering you from eating, sleeping and resting properly. Enough rest will help the skin under your eyes to improve.

Finally, you will need to accept what you cannot change. Some of the under eye circles cannot be reversed. Such as sunrise exposure, circle due to ageing, hereditary and pigmentation irregularities. However, proper eye care can reduce them and makes your eyes look beautiful.

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