Natural Treatment For Dry Eyes for All

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Are you feeling frequent eye burning? Sometimes you see your eyes are red and a dusty feeling in the eyes. This may be a symptom of dry eyes. Dry eyes is one of the most common eyes problems. The eyes remain wet by tears, it is a natural process to protect eyes from dust, heat and other pollution. Sometimes your eyes are not able to produce enough tears or the quality of tears is not so good to give adequate nourishment or moisture to the eyes. It may cause visual disturbance, eye burning and other discomfort. If you have mild of occasional symptoms of dry eyes you may able to control your condition by washing eyelid frequently and some common over-the-counter. These are natural treatment for dry eyes. You also need to take lot of green vegetables and small fishes. Here is some easy tips for best eye care.

Natural treatment for dry eyes

You can begin your natural treatment for dry eyes with adding artificial tears, a variety of artificial tears are available. Before starting the treatment you should know the exact causes of dry eyes. If you feel dry eyes frequently ask your doctor or an eye specialist to suggest you some best drops depending on your condition. Some advice you can follow in general:

  • Ointment: Some doctors may suggest you ointment. It is good and can give you long lasting lubricant. But the thickness nature of the ointment will cloud your vision. The best use of the ointment is before bed time. Ointment is not recommended as natural treatment for dry eyes most of the time.
    Natural treatment for dry eyes

    Cucumber can relief your eyes from burning as well as it will remove the dark circles under the eyes

  • How about eye drops? Yes, you can use eye drops any time a day. Doctors usually suggest eye drops after each six hours interval. The eye drops will not blurred your vision.
  • What kind of eye drops I should choose? There are mainly two types of eye drops are available, with or without preservatives. Some added preservative is found in some eye drops to prolong its work efficiency. Preservative contained eye drops can be used up to four times a day. Using the preservative drops more often leads to eye irritation.  If you need to use eye drops more than four times a day, non-preservative drops are safe. Non-preservative eye drops come with a package of multiple single use vials (or phial). You should not use a vial twice, after using it you must throw it away.

Washing eyelids to reduce inflammation

Frequent eyelid washing may help in case of dry eyes. Especially for people with blepharitis that cause eyelid inflammation and blocks the flow of oil to the eye. Your doctors will recommend you the following methods of eye washing, even if you don’t have dry eyes symptoms. The best way is as follows:

  • Use mild soap: Use low pH baby shampoo or mild herbal shampoo, also you can ask your doctor. Close your eyes and massage gently near your eye lashes. Don’t forget to clean your finger strips. Wash away the soap completely.
  • Apply a washcloth: You can use a warm washcloth as a natural treatment for dry eyes. Take a clean cloth and wet with warm water. Then hold the cloth over your eyes for five minutes and re wet it and use it again. Then after repeating it for some times, leave the cloth to get cool and use it again. Gently rub the cool wash cloth over your eyelids. This is one of the best eye cleansing process and natural treatment for dry eyes.

You need to try these methods every day. Stopping this routine may give you dry eyes again in return.

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