Know How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

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My wife faced dark circles under her eyes a few months ago. There were many reasons of getting dark circles under her eyes. But, the main reason is she gave birth a new baby. She could not sleep soundly because the new-born baby did not sleep at night. It liked to sleep at day time. But, now she can sleep soundly at night because the baby has started to sleep at day time. Of course my wife has used some home remedies to remove dark circles under her eyes. She mostly used cucumber slice. Cucumber slices give freshness and remove dark circles under eyes.

Anyway, this is not my today’s topic. My today’s topic is how to remove dark circles under eyes. To remove dark circles under eyes you have to first know why you face black tones under your eyes. Now, let me tell you the reasons of getting black circles under eyes.

Causes of dark circles under eyes

Dark circles reasons differ from person to person. Such as- my wife experienced dark circles under eyes for lack of sound sleep. Now let’s see the probable causes of black circles under eyes.

Improper blood circulation in skin under eyes

Improper blood circulation is the main reason of dark circles under eyes. When blood circulation is improper, oxygen cannot flow in skin properly and smoothly. So you experience dark circles under eyes.

Lack of sound sleep

Lack of proper sleep makes eyes tired and reduces blood circulation around the skin of eyes. Lack of sleep also keeps eyes pale and tends to aging.

Allergy causes discoloration under eyes

Allergy may be a great cause of dark circles under eyes. Allergy always tends to discoloration of skin. Allergy may come from foods, seasonal allergy, pollen allergy etc. Someone react to foods allergy severely such as- egg or milk. Allergy first makes itching in nose, eyes and face skin.

Congestion in nose

Dark circles under eyes may result from blocked nose. Usually veins around sinuses are dark and dilated when nostrils are blocked or congested.

Attitude expression

Someone has bad habitual expression that does not make their appearance bright. For example- crooked face expression makes a darker tone around eyes.


The women, who suffer from sinus or long time cough, may experience swelling, black and puffy circles under eyes.

Eyes makeup

Don’t forget to remove eyes makeup at night before sleeping. The loads of makeup around eyes can result in black circles under your eyes. Heavy makeup, cream, beauty product and unprofessional massage around eyes may create dark circles under eyes.

High pigmentation

Perrier hyper pigmentation generates melanin around eyes and sun exposure helps to produce more melanin. Finally you can get dark circles under eyes as a result of them.

Eating habit

Lack of healthy foods, balanced diets, vitamins and plenty of water can cause dark circles under eyes. Daily load of cosmetics around eyes makes vitamin deficiencies for eyes. Basically vitamin K creates dark circles and puffiness under eyes. Deficiency of B12 can cause black circles. Lack of nutritious and eating much salt also make the skin bluer and darker. Lack of hemoglobin, minerals, irons and calcium are also liable for dark tones around eyes.

Smoking is a bad habit

Smoking results in blood vessels problems. Blood vessels problems threaten your life and make skin bluer and prominent.

Hormonal fact

Women face dark circles under eyes most for their hormonal fact or difference. During pregnancy or menstruation they experience pale and discoloration on skin around eyes.

Lack of relax

Stress, anxiety, mental and physical ailments are not only harmful for health but also harmful for eyes. Most of the women experience dark circles under eyes for mental pressure and lack of sleeping. Stress and anxiety restrict you from sound sleep and eating in time.

Already you have known the causes of dark circles under eyes. Now, let me tell you how you can remove dark circles under eyes with natural or home remedies.

Home remedies to remove dark circles under eyes

Remove dark circles under eyes

Remove dark circles under eyes with cucumber slice.

When you think how to remove dark circles under eyes, you should think home remedies for removing black circles around eyes. Natural or home remedies for removing dark circles under eyes have no side effects. Home remedies gives eyes perfect relaxation and healthy tone retaining natural color of skin. Let’s see how to remove dark circles under eyes with home remedies.

Cucumber slice

Cucumber slice is very effective natural treatment for tired, puffy and dark skin under eyes. Cucumber slice refreshes the skin tone around eyes. I personal apply cucumber slice on my eyes after coming back home at night. I put cucumber slices over my eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. I feel great relax in my eyes after doing it.

Tomato slice

Tomato is a good natural healing to lighten skin. Apply tomato slice over eyes and leave it for 10 minutes. You can also apply tomato juice instead of slice. Keep your eyes close during leaving tomato over eyes.

Cool tea bag

Tannins in tea remove dark circles under eyes. Tannin also reduces swelling and discoloration around eyes. Keep your tea bag in refrigerator throughout a night. At morning it is prepared to apply on dark skin eyes. Wrap the cool tea bag with a soft white clean cloth. Now leave this cool and damp caffeinated tea bag over your eyes. Leave it over eyes for 15 to 20 minutes and keep closes your eyes. After doing it, you will feel great relax and comfort in your eyes.

Potato slice

Applying potato slice like cucumber is also one of the best options to give eyes relax and tired-free. The tannins in potato also remove dark circles under eyes. Keep potato slice on eyes for 15 minutes. Or you can liquidize a potato and apply the liquidized potato over eyes. Keep your eyes close. Leave the liquidized potato over eyes for 25 minutes. Then wash your eyes off with cool water.

Cool and frozen spoon

Keep a table spoon on your refrigerator until it becomes cool. Cover the dark spots around eyes with cool spoon and hold it until it becomes warm.

Tips about how to remove dark circles under eyes

Besides natural or home remedies, you should maintain some habitual facts and tips to remove dark circles under eyes.

Sleep a sound sleep

Generally men and women need to sleep 7 to 9 hours a day. Sometimes it differs from person to person. One should sleep as his satisfaction. Alcohol and drugs disturb sound sleep. So, if you stop taking alcohol or drugs, you can get a sweet sleep. You can also take them in moderate amount so that they cannot adverse your sleeping. Lack of vitamins disturbs also sleeping. Lack of vitamins and sleep reduce adrenal function. Less adrenal function consumes less B6. Less absorption of B6 reduces adrenal glands function and ends up in a vicious circle. Sleep well and take moderate amount of vitamins, good calcium/magnesium as eating form. Eating green vegetables and fruits rich in calcium/magnesium is good for restoring adrenal function. Milk and good mineral rich foods keep adrenal function in moderate level.

Treat allergy

Seasonal allergy can be treated by over-the-counter and prescription medications. In case of food allergy and allergy from chemical at your home or office, you should avoid those foods and chemicals. Allergy often may deprive you from B6, folic acid and B12. In this case you should take multivitamins. Gluten intolerance may cause dark circles under eyes. Gluten intolerance comes from wheat flour. Severe gluten intolerance may create celiac disease. So, treating gluten intolerance or celiac disease helps you to remove dark circles sunder eyes.

Treat your nasal congestion

If you suffer from sinus problem or blocked nose, you should treat it. It helps you to breathe easily and remove dark circles under eyes.

Remove eyes makeup

Removing eyes makeup at night before sleeping is a good way to get back brightness around eyes. After removing make up, use some home remedies. It brightens skin under eyes.

Improve eating habit

Eating lot of green vegetables and fruits like cabbage, spinach improves color around eyes. You can take vitamin supplements if you feel. Take lot of water because it increases blood circulation. Take less amount of salt because it creates puffiness and bluer tone under eyes.

Quit smoking

Give up smoking as soon as possible and enjoy a new life. Smoking not only creates dark circles under eyes but also creates dark lips.

Get relaxed

Stress and anxiety free life is the key to get bright skin. Reduce your unnecessary tension and stress. Only think over necessary things. Whenever you get time, try to be relaxed. Go wherever you like to go. Don’t desire what you don’t need. Proper relaxation gives you back bright skin under eyes.

Secret tips about how to remove dark circles under eyes

If you follow the above home remedies, you can able to remove dark circles under eyes. Besides, you should follow the following secrets.

  • Eat lots of pure water at least 8 to 10 glasses daily.
  • Remove your makeup around eyes with soft cotton balls or papers.
  • Wash your face with warm water before applying home remedies.
  • Rinse off your face with ice cool water after applying natural remedies under eyes.
  • Take foods rich in vitamins C, D and E.
  • Use dark sun glasses to protect your eyes from melanin.
  • Stop rubbing and scratching your eyes as they cause puffiness and discoloration around eyes
  • The skin under eyes is very sensitive. So, taking care of eyes underneath is essential in regular basis.
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A pair of beautiful eyes is the first expression. But, dark circles kill it. So, you need remove dark circles under eyes to express your beauty to public.

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