Most Common Eyes Problems

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Eyes problems

Eyelid problem in eyes

There are many kinds of eyes problems. Some are seen when people grow older and some are seen at any age.

Common eyes problems

The most common eyes problems are described in the below:

  1. Dry eyes- Dry eyes means the water becomes dried in the eyes. When tear glands do not produce tears or produce low quality tears, we face dry eyes. Dryness in eyes causes burning, itching and may cause rarely vision loss. See the dry eyes causes.
  2. Tearing- When you face serious eyes problems like blocked tear duct and eye infection, you may face tearing. Generally when you come to close to any sensitive light, temperature change and wind; tear comes out from eyes.
  3. Eyelid problems- Eyelid problems offer the symptoms of itching, pain, tearing and sensitivity to light. Inflammation of outer edges of the eyelids close to eyelashes, drooping eyelids and blinking spasms are also eyelid problems. Protecting eyelids from problems is essential because eyelids protect the eyes from dangers.
  4. Presbyopia- People with presbyopia cannot see small prints or close materials. It builds up gradually with getting older especially after 40. Reading glass can help to recover this problem.
  5. Glaucoma- It is related to the damage of optic nerve. It comes with increasing pressure in eyes. The pressure in eyes harms optic nerve.
  6. Retinal disorders- Retina collects visual images and passes them into the brain. Retinal disorder means to make barrier against transferring images into brain. Diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment and degeneration from age-related macular cause retinal disorders.
  7. Floaters- Floaters mean very small spots or specks floating in the eyes or across the space of vision. Often this problem is normal but may cause serious problem like retinal detachment.
  8. Temporal arteritis- Many call it giant cell arteritis. It means an inflammation of the arteries over the body. It may be associated with pain from chewing, tenderness in the temple area and sudden headache. It may be stayed a few weeks or few days with one eye’s vision loss. It may also cause weight loss, shaking and low level fever. Yet the scientists have not looked for the main reason of it but they guess; it may be caused by impaired immune system. You can face vision loss in other eyes after a few days of first eyes.
  9. Cataracts- Cataracts mean dark areas in the lens of eyes. Because of cataracts, light do not pass through the lens. As a result, it frustrates vision. Cataracts are associated with no pain, tearing, and redness but build up in slow. Some are small and don’t alter eyes sight. Some are thick and large, and frustrates vision. By surgery you will be OK.
  10. Corneal diseases- Cornea means clear and dome-shape window in front of the eyes. It focuses light to bring into eyes. It is caused by many diseases, injury, and exposure to toxic agents and infections. It shows the symptoms of reduced vision, pain, watery eyes and eyes redness.
  11. Conjunctivitis- There is tissue in the eyes to line the eyelids and to cover the cornea. In conjunctivitis the tissue is inflamed. It may be caused by irritants, exposure to chemicals and infection. The symptoms of conjunctivitis are itching, redness, tearing, burning, feeling something in the eyes etc.
  12. Farsightedness- Farsightedness means you can see the things situated in far away but cannot see the things that are very close to you.
  13. Eye redness-Eye redness is caused when eye vessels get swollen or irritaed. Generally allergy, dust and dry air cause eye redness or any serious reason like hurt by anyting may cause redness in eyes.
  14. Allergic eyes- I personally feel allergies in eyes when I eat any allergic foods like shrimps or beef. Besides allergies foods, pollen or mold spores can cause allergies in eyes. As a result of eyes, you may feel irritating, itchy, redness and watery in the eyes.
  15.  Eye pain- It is medically known as ophthalmalgia. Many feel eye pain because it is a common eye problem. Generally we face pain on the surface or inside the eyes. Lack of sleep you can feel pain but not it is caused from any serious reason.
  16.   Night blindness- Many have this eye problem. Night blindness means one can see at day but not see at night. Generally it is caused by cataracts and nearsightedness.
  17. Hazy vision- Hazy vision means you cannot see anything clearly. Everything looks like hazy or dim. It can be caused by many reasons.
  18. Nearsightedness- Nearsightedness means you can the things close to you but you cannot see the things far away from you.

The above are the most common eyes problems that a person may experience.

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