4 Simple Steps for Dry Eyes Treatment

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Dryness in eyes is one of the most important eyes problems or diseases. We face dry eyes when the tear film evaporation is higher than normal or our eyes do not produce enough or quality tears. Besides, there are many reasons liable for fewer amounts of tears in the eyes. See these causes for dry eyes.

In anyhow, you have experienced dry eyes, now you have to treat your dry eyes. You can treat your dry eyes in three steps like home remedies or self-care, medical treatment, surgery and therapies.

Now, let’s see the dry eyes treatment in the below.

#01: Home remedies or self-care treatment for dry eyes

Actually home remedies or self-care treatment protects your eyes from becoming dry. It is better to treat your eyes with home remedies because it protects your eyes for long term from various diseases; not only from dryness. Read the details on home remedies or self care treatment for dry eyes.

#02: Medical treatment for dry eyes

Home or natural remedies are enough for someone to treat his dry eyes. In severe or extremely dry eyes, medical treatment is essential along with self care treatments and remedies.

Actually prevention is better for dry eyes. Once you have faced extremely dry eyes, it is difficult to cure it. But, it is possible to maintain a better condition by taking some medical treatments for dry eyes.

  • Artificial tear drops and ointments- For dry eyes artificial tear drop is the preli-treatment. You can get artificial teardrops in anywhere. One drop is not exact to all; so you have to find out the exact drop for your eyes. In case of chronic dry eyes, you have to use drops to lubricate your eyes in spite of being felt well in eyes. If your eyes become dry at sleeping, you have to use thicker lubricant like ointment.
  • Restasis- According to the FDA, restasis is the only prescribed eye drop for chronic dry eyes treatment. It helps to tear production if the patient uses it regularly as per his doctor suggestion.
  • Corticosteroid drops- You can use it alone or use in conjunction with cyclosporine. Then it reduces dry eye symptoms. In case of excessive usage, it may have some side effects too. The new formulations of it are available with fewer side effects.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drops- Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drops reduce the inflammation associated with dry eyes syndrome.
  • Antibiotics- It is used in case of having blepharitis or meibomian gland dysfunction. Doctor may suggest using antibiotic ophthalmic ointments like bacitracin and erythromycin in the night for 7-10 days because these ointments reduce the amount of bacteria that damages the tear film’s lipid layer. You can enjoy lubricated eyes all over the night for these ointments. You may be prescribed to take oral antibiotics like doxycycline and tetracycline. Oral antibiotics keep the oil more fluid so that it can flow out of the oil glands more easily by reducing the amount of bacteria. In case of rosacea, it is also sometimes used because rosacea of the eyelids triggers dry eyes syndrome.
  • Non-dissolving punctal plugs and punctal occlusion by cautery- You may be usedlonger-lasting plugs or cautery if temporary plugging of the tear drains works well. It blocks the drainpipe through which the tears come out from eyes and enters into eyes. In this way, it increases the amount of tear. Your doctor can remove the plugs easily. In rare cases, the plugs exit out automatically or mix with the tear drain. Many dry eyes patients feel comfort in using plugs or surgical occlusion. So, he reduces the use of artificial tears.
  • Temporary punctal occlusion- Ducts make drain to come out tears from eyes. This treatment closes the ducts to bind tears in eyes. A dissolving plug is temporarily done by inserting into the tear drain of the lower eyelid to measure whether permanent pugs can create sufficient tears.

#03: Therapies for dry eyes treatment

There are also some other therapies for dry eyes treatment. It is better to pick out the best therapy for you by discussing with your doctor.

#04: Other medications and nutrition

Your doctor may use other medications like steroid eye drops for short times as an adjunct to other long-term measures. You can take omega 3 fats or fish oil as diet and supplements for treating dry eyes.

Don’t be worried. Just follow your doctor’s prescription and then you can be able to control your dry eyes. Don’t take any step for dry eyes treatment without your doctor guides.

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