Cholesterol Free Diet Plan: Food to Include in Your Diet Plan

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Generally cholesterol is very essential for our body growth but the excessive amount of cholesterol is detrimental to our health. It is noticed that many people are at risk of different disease due to high cholesterol level in their daily food. So you need to know what kinds of foods are essential to lower the cholesterol in your diet plan. For this purpose, we are giving you a random list of some cholesterol free food and their effectiveness for your health.

When planning a cholesterol free diet plan

The following food will help you to minimize your current cholesterol level. When planning to make a cholesterol free diet plan, you should include the following food in your daily meal.Cholesterol free diet plan


We suggest you to take legumes in your food list for cholesterol free diet. Legumes comprise dry cooked or canned beans, lentils, peas and all the soya products. Legumes have the usefulness in providing high dietary fiber content and are rich in protective nutrients, vitamin B, minerals and phytonutrients. These nutrients safeguard our heart and the dietary fiber content lessens cholesterol and energy intake. Naturally legumes contain lower level of fat and don’t contain any cholesterol. So, we should try to eat legumes at least three or four times a week, ideally every day.

Olive oil and olive products

For effective cholesterol free diet plan you need to choose some food that will help you to make it easy and healthy life. Olive oil can be a good food for your healthy diet plan. Olive oil is enriched with monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. From research it has been shown that monounsaturated fatty acids helps to lower bad low density lipoprotein cholesterol and increase good high density lipoprotein cholesterol. Olive oil and products helps to increase high density lipoprotein cholesterol and lower low density lipoprotein for those who have raised cholesterol level. You can use one or two tablespoons of olive oil in salad or in cooking and you can add some olive as salad in your food.

Yogurt and other fat free products

If you have raised cholesterol level you have to avoid full cream dairy products and most cheeses those have a high amount of fat and cholesterol. However, this doesn’t mean that you gave up taking all these food groups completely. You just can take fat free dairy products, yogurts and cottage cheeses with low cholesterol levels. If you can give up all those dairy products those contain fat it automatically remove all the cholesterol from your body. To lower the cholesterol level from blood, fat free yogurt may be the best choice because it contains high protein, calcium and lactobacillus.

Whole, unsifted or unprocessed grains

Here we are giving some other food those contain vitamin B, minerals and dietary fibers are all unsifted or unprocessed grains and cereals and those foods are made from unmilled flour. These food help you to lower the level of cholesterol and fat from your health.


It has been discovered by the researchers that those people eat fish three or more times in a week are at less risk of heart attack diseases and high blood pressure. It is very helpful for lowering the cholesterol level because fish contain high omega-3 fatty acid. There are some fish those contain high amount of omega-3 fatty acid like Salmon, Tuna, trout and Sardines beside these any type of fish can benefit your heart. There are some good reason to eat fish regularly because omega-3 fatty acid will help you to reduce atherosclerosis, ventricular arrhythmias, blood fats, atherosclerotic plaques and blood pressure.

Antioxidant rich fruit and vegetables

All fruits and vegetables are capable of decreasing cholesterol level from our body. There are two types of fruits and vegetables, those who contain vitamin C and rich amounts of beta-carotene. Those fruits are rich in vitamin C their list is given below.

Those foods contain Vitamin C are given below:

  • All types of citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons and naartjies.
  • All types of berry fruits such as cranberry, strawberry and blackberry and guava etc.

Those foods contain Beta-caronte are given below:

  • All types of dark yellow fruits such as apricots, yellow peaches, spanspek and mango.
  • All types of dark green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and spinach.

Now you need to take those foods in the group of garlic and onion family. From the ancient time garlic and onion are being used for promoting good health. From research it has been noticed that garlic and onion are very useful for lowering the cholesterol level and protect our heart. You can use garlic in your daily cooking and fresh salad.

Omega-3 enriched food

We have mentioned earlier in this article that omega-3 fatty acid is very helpful to lower the level of cholesterol. But there is less amount of cholesterol diet in the food supply. In this purpose all the manufactures company are trying to make some standard foods those are enriched with omega-3 fatty acids. In South Africa, you can purchase milk, eggs and bread that are enriched with omega-3. There in most big supermarkets you will be able to find these type of food.

Venison and ostrich

Those people love to eat meat but are suffering from heart diseases cannot eat red meat. For those people with moderate portions of cholesterol containing meat can be suitable such as venison and ostrich. These types of meat are also low in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. But you have to be careful about adding large amount of fat in the time of preparation and cooking. At the present time the meat of the ostrich has become so popular with the meat loving people because it contains very low levels of cholesterol.

There are some specific meal plan to minimize the cholesterol only. You can follow low cholesterol diet plan for 7 days and see the change in yourself by consulting with a health care provider. The meal plan and calorie need may very person to person, for best result find your right meal plan.

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