8 Most Common Diabetes Symptoms

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The symptoms of type 2 diabetes are sometimes invisible but harm in hidden. Again, you can notice some symptoms but you are not much careful of them because you get less harm that is not so severe for you. The symptoms of type 1 diabetes are seen on a sudden and are severe often. If you don’t take any measure against diabetes symptoms, they may be complicated and serious, even life threatening sings may be seen.

8 most common diabetes symptoms

Anyway, the usual symptoms of diabetes are as follows:

#01: Increased urination

Increased urination is a classic diabetic symptom. Sugar raises high in the blood. So, kidneys have to work overtime. They filter and absorb the high or excess sugar in overtime. For this, kidneys cannot keep abreast of the overtime burden. So, excess sugar gets excreted through urination accompanied by fluids drawn from various tissues. This accelerates increased amount of urination.

#02: Excessive thirst

More urination leads you to dehydration. So, you drink more fluids to fill up your thirst and you feel more urination.

#03: Feeling fatigue

More urination and improper function of insulin in the body make you fatigue. Sugar in the body works as energy, but now it is a burden for body. Your body can not also use sugar as energy. So, you feel fatigue.

#04: Weight loss

If you lose huge sugar through urination, it also forces you to lose calories. Again, diabetic situation may takes sugar from passing into cells. It also makes frequent hunger. The combination of losing calories and constant hunger helps to lose weight suddenly if you have the risk of type 1 diabetes.

#05: Blurred vision

When you have high blood sugar level, it pulls fluids from various tissues. This is how; high blood sugar level pulls fluid from the lenses of eyes also. It harms in vision or focus. In addition, diabetes makes new blood vessels in retina, back side of the eyes. The new blood vessels damage or harm the old or established vessels. If a person takes treatment as soon as he can detect this problem, it will not progress. For leaving untreated, you may have loss of vision or blindness.

Diabetes symptoms

Diabetes symptoms also include slow healing sores or infections or cuts.

#06: Slow healing sores or cuts

The persons having diabetes have slow healing sores or any infections or cuts. It takes time to heal infections or cuts because of high blood sugar level. Actually high glucose in blood splits the natural healing power in your body against any infection. In diabetes affected women, bladder and vaginal infections are very frequent.

#07: Tingling hands and feet

The damage of nerve is also common for high blood sugar. For this, you may feel tingling and sensation loss in your feet and hands. You may also get burning pain in your hands, legs, arms, and feet.

#08: Red, swollen and tender gums

Diabetes kills the power to fight against germs. For this, you may have infections in gums and bones adhered to teeth. Gums may be pulled out from teeth. You may feel loose in your teeth. It may also create pockets of pus or sores in your gums.

Some other diabetes symptoms

Besides the above signs and symptoms of diabetes, you may have the following symptoms.

  •  Itchy skin around the groin and vagina
  • Dry mouth
  • in men and women
  • Vaginal infections in women
  • Nausea, perhaps vomiting
  • Weight gain

Call your doctor facing the sings

When you notice the following diabetes symptoms, you must call your doctor; otherwise you may face life threatening danger.

  • Abdominal pain for urination frequently
  • Weakness
  • Breathing more deeply and rapidly
  • Sweet breathing smell such as- nail polish remover
  • Fainting spells
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Trembling
  • Huge sweating
  • Feeling much irritable
  • Heavy drowsy
  • Experiencing hypoglycemia, low

Gestational diabetes symptoms

Women experience gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. Generally the women have prediabetes or the previous history of having diabetes, face gestational diabetes. Diabetes during pregnancy may cause badly effects for mother and baby. So, the pregnant mother should take proper steps as soon as she notices any gestational diabetes symptoms or sings.

See the gestational diabetes in detail

Prediabetes signs and symptoms

Prediabetes means high blood sugar but it is not as high as taking place type 2 diabetes. Prediabetes is a threat for happening type 2 diabetes. Usually no signs and symptoms are noticeable in prediabetes but you can know its symptoms only by taking blood sugar test. You can easily reverse your prediabetes and prevent type 2 diabetes if you take proper measures as soon as possible.

More here how to diagnose blood sugar test for prediabetes

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