Control Blood Sugar: Herbal Treatments for Diabetes

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Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases which has been spread out all over the world. Many people are being affected with this disease every day. There are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period in diabetes. Once someone is affected with this disease, he or she has to carry this for lifetime. There is no cure for diabetes. But a proper treatment can give you a normal life. Untreated diabetes can be dangerous and can affect different organs of the human body gradually. If the pancreas is not producing enough insulin or the cells of the body are not responding properly to the insulin produced may be the symptoms of diabetes.

There are three types of diabetes. They are Type-1 diabetes (the cause is still unknown), Type-2 diabetes (excessive body weight and lack of enough exercise are considered as the primary cause) and gestational diabetes (pregnant women are the victims without previous history of diabetes that develop a high blood glucose level).

Signs and symptoms of diabetes

The classic symptoms of untreated diabetes are:

  • Weight loss
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst and hunger
  • In type 1 diabetes symptoms may develop within weeks or months
  • In type 2 diabetes the symptoms are much more slowly even can be absent

Be sure of your disease

 If you have been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, you should know about your disease very well and treatment options available to you, since proper knowledge and treatment are very important to maintain a normal life with diabetes.

Herbal treatment for diabetes

Many doctors think that insulin and drugs are not the best solutions for the patients who have type-2 diabetes and they suggest successful diabetes treatment plan that is completely natural. Considering the chronic nature of type-2 diabetes, herbal remedies for diabetes have been used across the world, they can provide a simple and natural way of controlling diabetes without any unpleasant side effects. But it would be wise of you if you consult your doctor before you try these. Here are the details of such herbal treatment for diaetes that can surely be effective and useful for your diabetes treatment:

Fenugreek (methi): It is used as condiment to prepare curries and it has many health benefits too.  It can reduce the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the stomach during the digestive system and increases insulin production by stimulating the pancreatic cells.

Bitter gourd: Most of the people are familiar with this vegetable. It is a proven herbal treatment for diabetes. They are very useful for lowering blood glucose level in diabetes. Bitter gourd can reduce the activity of the alpha glycosidase enzyme which can reduce the hyperglycemia.

Cinnamon: It has been considered as a useful source for herbal treatment for diabetes. At least half teaspoon of cinnamon a day may lower your need for insulin.

Olive oil: You can prevent diseases like cardiovascular, atherosclerosis and diabetes with the consumption of olive oil as it reduces the cholesterol levels. You can use olive oil for preparing foods.

Bitter melon: It has been proven that bitter melon has a great effect on the herbal treatment for diabetes. It contains properties like insulin and frequent use of bitter melon helps lowering the blood and urine levels.

Fig leaves: It has antibiotic properties and helps in diabetes treatment. You have to boil the leaves of the fig in some freshly filtered water and drink this as a tea to obtain a good result.

Black seed: Black seed known as a cure for all diseases except death. It has been used for everything from acne to pancreatic cancers and considered to be a miraculous cure. Try to have some black seed in your daily meal. Oil can be made of black seed and you can use oil too. To obtain a good result you should do this for at least one month.

Holy basil leaves: Holy basil leaves which are mainly known as tulsi consists of anti-oxidants and essential oil that can help to conduct pancreas beta cells function properly. Thus it can increase the sensitivity to insulin. You can have one tablespoon of juice that is made from tulsi leaves or can use two or three leaves. You should have this on empty stomach in order to lower the blood sugar level.

Green tea: Natural tea helps to control of blood sugar. It also helps the body to use insulin better. Try to have two or three cups of green tea daily.

Suggestions for you

  • To be conscious of your health and diabetes level, you have to maintain a regular diabetes checkup and regular eye exams.
  • Diabetic patient should be very careful about the proper take care of their feet. You should wash your feet with lukewarm water daily and dry them gently. You should consult your doctor if you find any cuts, sores or redness on your feet and they are not healing of their own.
  • It is very important to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol level under control.
  • You have to quit if you are addicted to smoking or alcohol or any types of tobacco immediately.
  • You have to do some light exercise every day. Walk every day for 30 minutes, use the stairs instead of lift but be careful that your heart condition is good enough.
  • Be conscious about your food habit and avoid all those foods that are proved harmful for   a diabetic patient. Drink a plenty of water to run your body functions properly.
  • Take care of your teeth since you may face gum infections due to diabetes. Brush your teeth at least two times a day and you can consult your dentist if you face any problem like gum bleeding or if your gum are looking red.

Though diabetes is a serious disease, you can control this with a proper treatment. Your awareness is a must for the treatment of diabetes. You have to be alert and up to date to your health condition. Doctors and scientists are trying all the time to invent more beneficial treatments for diabetes. Herbal treatments are showing good results with controlling the diabetes complications along with the drugs and medications suggested by the doctors. But before trying an alternative remedy you should be confirm that it won’t make present health condition worse. You should consult your doctors to be sure that you can try an alternative treatment along with the prescribed drugs or medication. But don’t consider herbal treatment as a final solution. Try to regulate your diet and take exercise every day to manage diabetes effectively. It is possible to live a happy and healthy life with natural remedies and put your diabetes level at a controlled state. Diabetes won’t be a life threatening disease if you take a proper care of your health.

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