How much do breast implants weigh? Study Found

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This is a very common question among the women who want to increase their breast by surgery. The women are often interested to know how weighty the implanted breast will be, will they cause any hazards or cause any dark lining and so many. All the answers depend on the size of your natural breast and the size of the implants. If you implant extremely large breast, you have to carry a heavy weight all time. It may sometimes burden to you.How much do breast implant weigh

Breast implantation method

Generally two types of implantation methods have been used, saline implant and silicone implant. Saline implants are silicon made shells, filled with sterile saline solution (0.9% NaCl), where silicone implants are filled with silicone gel. The methods get advanced day by day.

How much do breast implants weigh?

You are very lucky that you can select your won breast size, but beauty does not always matter with the size. Select the optimal size for you before a surgery. The implantations are measured in cc or cubic centimeters. Higher number of ccindicates larger size. Women are like to implant at least 400cc but it varies with the body shape. Doctors suggest to implant size that your body can able to bear it physically. Because there is a possibility of lifelong health problems with larger implants, like trauma, stretchmarks, re-operation, wasting of tissue due to high pressure, wrinkling, rippling and thickening of tissue and muscle. Before choosing the size of the implant, you have to consider how to look like.Consult with the doctor for getting the appropriate size and therapy for yourself.

If you think that how much weight you have to bear after implant, we are providing the calculation. It may help you to take the right decision.

Measurement of weight for silicone implantation

1cc silicon weighs 0.0375 ounces

If you want a set of 400cc breast implants,

Total weigh, 400cc2 = 800cc (for two implants)

800cc0.0375 = 30.0 ounces

To get the answer in pounds, the total ounces divide by 16 (as 1pound equals to 16 ounces)

30.0 16 = 1.875 pounds, or approximately 1.9 pounds

A shorter way is to take the weight of both implants and then divide by 426.67. Example:

Measurement of weight for saline implantation

If you have a set of 400cc saline implants,

400cc 2 = 800 cc

Then 800cc is divided by 29.547, and you will get the answer in ounces.

800cc 29.547 = 27. 075 ounces.

Then divide it again by 16 to get the answer in pounds

27.075 16 = 1.69 pounds or approximately 1.7 pounds

It is clear that saline implants are a little bit lighter than silicone gel implants. However, the new generations if breast implantation surgeries are done with silicone gel.

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