Natural remedies of arthritis

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For relief of arthritis we have many remedies. Some arthritis remedies are natural remedies and some are medications. Remedies that relief pain of arthritis without drug ingestion are considered as natural remedies of arthritis. Wide ranges of natural remedies are available. These  natural remedies are for rheumatoidarthritis, gout, knee arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, ankle arthritis and so on.  These are discussed below.


Education of patient about the nature of disease, investigation, treatment , possible outcome can be useful to improve patients  compliance to therapy thereby improve outcome. A physical therapist can help a patient to be educated and have an appropriate designed therapy. Information and therapist contact can reduce pain and disability, improve self efficacy and  reduce  the  health ­care  costs of arthritis. The  mechanisms  are  unclear  but  in  part  may result  from  improved  adherence.  Benefits are  modest but potentially long lasting, safe and cost effective. Education  can  be  provided  through  one to one discussion, written literature, patient led group education  classes  and  interactive  computer  programs.  Inclusion of the patient’s partner or caregiver is often needed.


Aerobic fitness training can reduce pain and long term disabilities. This exercise includes walking, swimming etc. It improves well being, encourages restorative sleep and benefits common co morbidity such as obesity, diabetes, chronic heart failure and hypertension.

Local strengthening exercise of muscles can improve muscle strength ,improve proprioception , reduce pain, disabilities for over compromised joints . ‘Small amounts often’ of strengthening exercise are better than long exercise performed infrequently.Both active and passive exercise are helpful. Regular exercise may be brisk is more helpful than irregular strenuous exercise.

Joint protection

We should not let our compromised joint to do a lot of works. Or after initial impact we should be careful not to get same impact again. We should perform our works using other joints or at least work of the joint should be divided to other joints or appliances. Use of shock absorbing footwear with thick soft soles can reduce impact loading through feet, knees, hips  and  back,  and  improve  symptoms  at these sites. A walking stick held on the contra lateral side takes the weight off a painful hip, knee or foot.

Weight loss

Obesity  aggravates  pain  at  most  sites  of  the  body  through increased mechanical strain and is a risk factor  for more rapid progression of joint damage in patients  with arthritis. This should be explained to obese patients. Strategies include Weight loss diets, drugs like sibutramine , Orlistat, surgery like gastric banding, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass , Sleeve gastrectomy etc

Personal life changing

The person is asked to reduce excessive alcohol  intake,  especially  beer. In case gout Thiazide  diuretics should be stopped if possible and substituted with angiotensin converting  enzyme  (ACE)  inhibitors,  as these have a uricosuric effect.


Right food can aid reduction of pain. In case of osteoporosis patient should be asked to take foods containing calcium like milk, phytoestrogen containing soya protein, fluorides.  In gout patients should be advised to avoid large amounts of seafood and offal, which have high purine content, but a highly restrictive diet is not necessary.

Hot and cold therapies

Hot water bag can be used for application of heat therapy. It can reduce pain and inflammetory edema. You can also use cold bath, ice compression to apply cold therapy . This also serves same purpose.


Acupuncture is an oldest way to get relief from arthritis pain. Several study showed it is effective natural remedy while others denied it.

Infrared therapy and short wave ultrasonography

This two also can reduce arthritis pain.


Hydrotherapy  induces  muscle  relaxation  and  facilitates  enhanced  movement in  a  warm, pain relieving environment  without  the  restraints  of  gravity  and normal  load bearing.


Relaxation therapies are also proved to reduce arthritis pain.


Then provide rest of joint by cast, back slab, slings etc. Elevation of limbs can be helpful to reduce the inflammetory edema, reduce hematoma. Wrist splints, knee orthoses, and iron and T straps etc can help rest affected joint.

Self-help and coping strategies

The  aim  is  to  increase  self management  through  self assessment  and  problem solving,  so  that  patients  can recognize negative but potentially remediable aspects of their mood (stress, frustration, anger or low self esteem) and  their  situation  (physical,  social,  financial).  These may then be addressed  by  changes  in  attitude  and behavior.

Herbal medicines

It may be hard to believe but it is true that those can’t relieve patient’s arthritis pain. Those are claimed as natural remedies but how those work no one know. Herbal medicines are plant extracts that contain dozens of chemicals whose actions are unknown. So who feel better are having placebo effects. Although some people assume that remedies used for centuries must be safe, we have learned in recent years that many traditional herbals have dangerous, and even fatal, side effects.


Aids  and  appliances  can  provide  dignity  and  independence  to  patients  with  respect  to  activities  of  daily  living. Common examples are a raised toilet seat, raised chair height, extended handles on taps, a shower instead of  a  bath,  thick handled  cutlery,  and  extended  ‘hands’ to pull on tights and socks. Full assessment and advice from  an  occupational  therapist  maximize  the  benefits  of these.

Know about Arthritis meddications

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