Septic arthritis: a complete guideline

septic arthritis

Septic arthritis overview To say it very simply, Septic arthritis is a condition where any joint gets infection by bacteria. Infection of joint by virus is a separate entity called viral arthritis. Septic arthritis is specific for bacterial infection of joint only. The bacteria may be common pus forming bacteria or may be granule like lesion forming bacteria like tuberculosis. ... Read More »

Psoriatic arthritis symptoms and treatment

Psoriatic arthritis symptoms and treatment

Psoriatic arthritis overview Psoriasis is a skin disease. In psoriasis, basic lesion is in skin. As skin has largest area, the involvement of psoriasis goes extensive. Eventually it manages to attack nail, bones, joints and genital organ. Its complications are also severe. When psoriatic attack happens to occur in bones and joints it is called psoriatic arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis is ... Read More »

Gout disease of kings

gout in foot

What is gout? Gout was formerly called the disease of kings. It is the most common inflammatory arthritis in men and in older women. Today, the term gout means a heterogeneous group of diseases found exclusively in humans that include the following characteristics: Raised level of serum urate concentration (hyperuricemia) Frequent attacks of acute arthritis where monosodium urate monohydrate crystals ... Read More »

What are the symptoms of gout?

gout in foot

What are the symptoms of gout? is a big question to ask. If anyone asks me What are the symptoms of gout? i become confused. But i am writing this topic to make  you confident. And you will be confident to answer it because we are heavily armored. Throughout its natural history, gout passes through three stages: (1) asymptomatic hyperuricemia, ... Read More »

Uric acid and gout

uric acid and gout

How and why uric acid cause gout? Let’s see relation between uric acid and gout. Uric acid and gout is a bit synonymous. So we start from hyperuricaemia. Hyperuricaemia is defined as rise of serum uric acid level greater than 2 standard deviations above the mean for the population. The risk of developing gout increases with age and with serum ... Read More »

What are the causes of gout?

cause of got

Want to know what are the causes of gout? Yes, you have chosen the right place. Let’s know what are the causes of gout. Let’s start with genetics. Polymorphisms in several genes that are associated with gout can cause gout. The most important of which is SLC2A9. This regulates urate excretion by the kidney. Impaired renal excretion of urate also ... Read More »

Treatment for gout

treatment for gout

Treatment for gout step by step The therapeutic aims in treatment for gout are as follows: To terminate the acute attack as promptly and gently as possible To prevent recurrences of acute gouty arthritis To prevent or reverse complications of the disease resulting from the deposition of sodium urate or uric acid crystals in joints, kidneys, or other sites To ... Read More »

Arthritis natural remedies and arthritis medications

Arthritis remedies

Arthritis natural remedies and arthritis medications a hard nut to crack When we are talking about arthritis natural remedies and arthritis medications we must know what is arthritis. Arthritis means inflammation of one or more joints. Diseases those fall in this group are rheumatoid arthritis , seronegative arthritis ( Reactive arthritis , psoriatic arthritis , ankylosing spondylitis ), crystal arthopathy ... Read More »

Arthritis medications

Arthritis medications

Pain is our oldest friends from the beginning our lives.  A wide range of remedies are available from the very beginning of civilization.When we are talking about arthritis tons of arthritis remedies are available. Now a days many medications are widely used. Arthritis medications are listed below. Analgesics Paracetamol (1 g up to 4 times daily) is the oral analgesic of ... Read More »

Natural remedies of arthritis

natural remedies for arthritis

For relief of arthritis we have many remedies. Some arthritis remedies are natural remedies and some are medications. Remedies that relief pain of arthritis without drug ingestion are considered as natural remedies of arthritis. Wide ranges of natural remedies are available. These  natural remedies are for rheumatoidarthritis, gout, knee arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, ankle arthritis and so on.  These are discussed below. Education ... Read More »