7 Effective Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

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Home remedies are a kind of treatment employed to cure diseases using available home items like vegetables and spices. One of the advantages of home remedies is that its cost effective meaning, anyone can afford to employ whether he/she is rich or not. It does not matter if its acute or chronic, sinus infection is usually painful. Almost 40 million people are usually affected yearly by this infection. It’s just shocking to know that despite the fact that it’s a common disease, many people still misdiagnose it thus using treatment methods that never work. Before rushing to the chemist to purchase drugs you have to confirm these signs:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Thick discolored mucus and
  • Facial pain or pressure

Don’t worry because regardless of the condition, there are home remedies for sinus infection are very effective. Before you visit the doctor you should try them. Visit a doctor if the condition is not improving.Home remedies for sinus infection

Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

At first it will be important for you to find out why you have the infection. Dr. Jordan Josephson an ear and throat surgeon says that the major cause of sinus infection is allergies. Most allergies that are specific to the nose such as indoor allergies and may fever can result to the swelling of the nose membrane and blockage of passages that lead to the sinus. Another common cause is having a dry nose. It leads to more serious problems like thickened mucus and nasal congestion. Let us now look at some of the natural remedies for sinus infections that you can apply:

  • Blow your nose regularly. This is an effective natural method that will help you remove some of the thick mucus from your nose easily. Eventually you will be decongesting your nose thus allowing good passage of mucus and air.
  • Drinking hot fluid frequently is an easy remedy for sinus infection. Hot fluids in your body, such as herbal tea, broth and vegetable soup helps in the destruction dry mucus for it to be easily removed from the body allowing a good flow of air. The steam that is generated by the fluid soothes sinus related pain and other sinusitis symptoms. A hot fluid will work faster if you drink it a few minutes after you have a hot shower.
  • Steam inhalation can also be done a number of times in a day. It provides a soothing effect to the nasal cavities and sinus thus relieving the pain that is associated with inflammation.
  • Prepare a mixture of olive oil and peppermint oil and rub it gently at the aching regions which are usually around the eye and the nose. The nose will start running some few minutes afterwards, thus you will take the chance and blow out the infected mucus.
  • Another effective home remedies for sinus infection, you can use when you are at home is by preparing lemon juice from fresh lemons. What you will have to do is to follow the same for preparation of lemonade, but you only substitute cold water with warm. The remedy one of the best because lemon juice has both antivirus and antibacterial properties that fights off fever and cold, which are some of the causes of sinus infection.
  • If you aren’t afraid of using herbal medicines, then try them because some like Oregon grapefruit is better at fighting sinusitis infections due to its antibiotic properties. It is not that easy to prepare this at home so it would be wise to purchase it from the nearest herbal store.
  • Apple acid vinegar is another item that can be applied to cure sinusitis infections. One tablespoon of this can put of flu, cold and other sinus related problems. If there is no improvement seen then you will have to mix two or three tablespoons of apple acid vinegar in eight glasses of clean water. The solution is good in thinning your mucus for it to be blown out easily. After using for about four days nonstop, you will be able to feel much better.

All of these sinusitis treatments are proven and will help you in curing excruciating and irritating conditions as a result of sinus infections. Some will work for you while others won’t work, but that does not mean that you give up. Try all these methods and other home treatment methods until you find the one that will make you better. If symptoms persist despite the fact that you have used several methods, then visit a doctor for more guidance.

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  1. As an allergy sufferer, it’s great to know that there are so many traditional and alternative remedies to treating sinus allergies. I will consult my doctor to see which method of treatment will work best in my situation. Thanks for sharing post!

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